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2005 Additions  CNC Machine Tool Help and Advice  (23 October 2005)  Peterson Steel in Worcester MA  On line steel building supplier  Weblog of interesting "stuff"   Home built injection molding machine  Converting mill/drills to CNC  Metal casting on a small scale info  A humors song The Periodic Table Song animated  Build a vacuum forming machine  Taig tool home page  Very weird information about prop make

Pre 2005 Stuff    A Bolt Science, very interesting!  Sent in by Vern Eshbaugh  Florida Association of Model Engineers.  An interesting site of the FAME.  Just like us only closer to the equator.  Very large selection of technical manuals on CD  3E provides hazardous materials information management and emergency response services for environmental health and safety (EH&S)
managers in 75,000 businesses around the world.  Get the most from your scanner  AhHa CNC Retrofits Information  Do it yourself @ home anodizing  Antique books of all sorts  British Horologocial Association  Sources of supplies for the amateur scientist  BonnyDoon Engineering  Carbide Depot, discount cutting tools  Tool Tech Inc., cutting tools CNC Concepts,  CNC information and training materials   CNC Automation Inc., CNC retrofit equipment  Costal Tool, your web source for tools  Convert a motor to run n propane Camtronic Inc.  CNC the HSM can afford?  DieThane DivisionMaster is an automatic indexer, capable of driving a rotary table, a dividing head, or a headstock dividing attachment, via a bipolar stepper motor Do it yourself printer repair Welcome to Eamonn Keogh's Engine Turning Page  Potato Guns Spuds Away!  Fasteners Galore Still more nuts bolts and other fasteners  A VAST array of interesting links related to metalworking of all sorts  French Creek Valley___ interesting Howron Metal Bending Tools Fox Valley Technical College WI course descriptions  Gatling Guns anyone? Guy Lautard, Machinist Bedside Reader Build a high prressure oiler Bits and pieces for the HSM CNC enthusiast Home Build Hobby Plotter / Engraver A good list of links on homebrew CNC  A homebrew CNC Bridgeport  Cannonball Ltd.  Model Railroading  Publisher of Machinery's Handbook and other books for  Engineering, Technology, and Education since 1883 Message boards and marketplace for manufacturers, machinists and engineers.  Introduction to the milling machine  Lots of good information but slow loading  James Riser home page some metalworking content  Jewelery making tools and other supplies  Jon Elson's machining page Jose's Machining Information Taig Microlathe  JTS Machinery and Supply  Top quality wood working tools  Home of the Logan Actuator Co. Lost Creek Machinery and Shop Supplies  Hong Kong Polytechnic University   The home of Innovative Tools and Information  Marv Klotz's Utilities SOFTWARE FOR PEOPLE WHO BUILD THINGS!  Matronics CNC Sherline conversion  McMaster-Carr Industril Supplies   Meridian Machinery Used Metalworking Machinery For Hobby and Industry  Some Helpful Tips on Evaluating a Lathe by Meridian Machinery  Meshing with Gears Discussion Forum  NUMBER 2 UNIVERSAL METAL BENDER DRAWINGS  Metal Web News  An on-line supplier of metals  Micro Fasteners specializing n small fasteners  Dura-Bar Gray Iron Sizes and Shapes  Home Made Mirror Grinding Machine  Miscellaneous Tools  The Model Engineer Support Page  Modern Machine Shop magazine on-line  Fasteners of all sorts  OMW Metalcrafts,  tools for the HSM and Model Engineers  Online Metals,  an online source for metals  Patternmaking 101  Penn Tools on0line catalog tools  Geoff's planer  The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics  Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube  Shop Swarf  (terrific resource)  Jome built snow groomer for snowmobile tracks or cross country skiing  Makeup, mold and special effects supplier  home of "Steamboat Ed Haas"     Engineering Technical Data Reference Tables  American Fastener reference charts  British Gear Mahufacturer  another Vortex Tube page  r.c.m. FAQ  Enco Tool Virtual Machinist  A Compilation of Thread Information  Make your own carbide insert holders Interested in desktop CNC?  This is your place  A home made jet engine Universal Hovercraft home page  Home built vacuum molding machines  Vancouver Canada Mini Club  Beacon Graphics Vinyl Sign supplies  Backyard Metal Casting Mike's homepage The Metal Mangler  Drives using synchronous belts  E 8 Tools and Student Machine Shop Videos  CNC Zone  Bridgeport Mill Informaiton  CNC Router Information  Finnish web site about animation  Live steamer in Finland.  Backyard Ballistics,  Spud Guns and more  Links to a number of Tractor Clubs  Legend Mine Supply  EDM's Home foundry Page  Shop Swarf, excellent list of reference material  Information on close up photography technique  Metalworking chat list  Engineer Egde,  excellent reference material  Mike Graham's photo site,  good info here  Capital Steel and Wire,  Lansing MI and Cleveland OH


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