Larry Simoneau's  Kozo Shay Locomotive

4 March 2006

I went to Larry's home today to look at a South Bend Heavy 10 lathe that he is selling and I was interested in.  While there I took a few photos of his Shay loco and another loco he had in the basement.

Yes, I bought the lathe and now have to wait for the snow to melt from in front of my basement bulkhead doors to get it home.  It is a bit scruffy looking but seems to be in good mechanical condition and sprucing it up will be an interesting project.

PICT0104.JPG (466431 bytes)  This Shay is a 2x version of what Kozo shows in the book on building this engine

PICT0105.JPG (115948 bytes) Driving gear

 PICT0106.JPG (306255 bytes)  Side view into the cab

 PICT0107.JPG (97196 bytes)

   PICT0109.JPG (98418 bytes)  Cab valves

PICT0110.JPG (90955 bytes) 

 PICT0111.JPG (109024 bytes)

PICT0108.JPG (176606 bytes)  This is the other engine I saw but I don't know what it is. 

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