Long Island Metal Workers

2008 Film Fest

Some how a while back I got on the mail list for this group.  They are lead by Jamie Swan and from the emails I get seem to do a lot of interesting visits to various manufacturing and educational facilities. 

When I read that they were having a film fest with day long showings of metal working related DVDs and video tapes.  Since it was only three hours from Preston my wife and I loaded the boys and the cameras in the car and headed to the wilds of Long Island NY.  Departing at 6:00 AM we cruised down I95, across the Throgs Neck bridge and out I495 to Brookhaven.  Using the GPS gadget we found the location without problem.  

The event was held at a community meeting hall.  Located on a former land fill the place has extensive walking trails,  meeting rooms, a small zoo and extensive greenhouse buildings.  Pretty neat.


DSC03436.jpg (115291 bytes)  Entrance of the facility

DSC03424.jpg (193695 bytes)  DSC03427.jpg (240656 bytes)    DSC03428.jpg (87946 bytes)  DSC03429.jpg (240578 bytes)  DSC03430.jpg (318105 bytes)  DSC03431.jpg (262094 bytes)

DSC03426.jpg (132914 bytes)  Terri hung around for a bit and then headed out to find some Christmas related stores she had heard about

DSC03432.jpg (102718 bytes)  Second from the left is Jamie Swan

  DSC03433.jpg (105186 bytes)  DSC03434.jpg (77876 bytes)  DSC03435.jpg (93329 bytes)  Some of the items on the sale and swap tables.  The small dividing head was priced at $250 but with NAMES coming up I had to pass on it.  The right photo is a nifty winch.

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