Long Island Live Steamers

3 July 2010

I saw in the calendar listing in Live Steam magazine that LILS was going to have a members and friends run day on 3 July so Terri and I decided to take a ride down to Suffolk  County and see what was going on.  The ride down I95 and out I495 on Long Island was duck soup, cruising along at 65 mph steady.  The trip home in the afternoon was totally the opposite.  Torture!  Well that is always the risk on I95 between eastern Connecticut and New York City.

Perhaps a half dozen locomotives were running while we were there, we caught a ride behind a beautiful steamer so the boys were happy.  Several electrics were whirring around the tracks and other steam locos were running.  The day was beautiful weather-wise so all in all it was worth the effort.

DSC00355.JPG (218091 bytes)   Video from today's events.  You might hear gunshots in the background of this video.  The trapp and skeet range next to the LILS property has recently resumed operations and the noise can be heard through out the area.  

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 The next  locomotive is a 2-6-0 mogul.  It was completed in 2004 by Railroad Supply in Nashua, NH.  The locomotive weighs 330 pounds and the tender weighs 100 pounds.  The overall length is 88 inches.  The locomotive runs on a mix of 75% anthracite and 25% soft coal.  Operating steam pressure is 120 psi.  It has steam powered brakes on the locomotive, and vacuum brakes on the tender and passenger cars.  The locomotive light is powered by a combination of a 4 volt battery and a steam driven turbogenerator.   Michael Miano is the owner of the loco and his girlfriend is Kate Willams.  Info sent along by Mike (Mmogul98ATaol.com), thank you Mike for contributing to our pages.

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 DSC00338.JPG (168149 bytes)  DSC00339.JPG (238871 bytes)  DSC00340.JPG (230863 bytes)  DSC00337.JPG (147949 bytes)  Errol, Roy Bear and Eddie Moose  DSC00341.JPG (419997 bytes)

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