Long Island Live Steamers

2 August 2008



6:00 AM August second saw us (Terri and I) departing for the Long Island Live Steamers Rail Fan Day.  This is a day when LILS invites members of other clubs with interest in railroading to visit the LILS facility in Brookhaven LI.  Traffic on I95 was not too terrible for a change and we made it to Brookhaven at 9:06. 

We were greeted warmly and made to feel very welcome at the track.  Here are the photos I took at the track.  As always help with names to go with faces and trains will be most welcome!

A note about the video clips:  Because they are very large files I suggest retrieving the MPG clips like this,  right click on the camera icon, then left click on "Save target as",  tell your computer where you want the file to be saved then resume browsing.  After the file is saved look at it then delete if desired.  The WMV files should work fine just by clicking on the icon.

DSC04118.jpg (99250 bytes)  LILS member John Mehrling send along the following caption information for these photos. Thanks John!  Mainline bridge in the background, transfer table and groundline (7 1/4")

DSC04089.jpg (120993 bytes)  DSC04090.jpg (112014 bytes)  DSC04091.jpg (116598 bytes)  DSC04092.jpg (84085 bytes)  DSC04093.jpg (111057 bytes)  DSC04088.jpg (118517 bytes)

Michael Miano and his 1.5" scale 0-4-0 Camelback switcher

DSC04094.jpg (129236 bytes) Club owned 1.6" scale Southern Pacific Baldwin VO switcher      

DSC04095.jpg (222572 bytes) Groundline water tank, turntable and roundhouse.  Richard Courtesis (with his back to the camera) and Dennis Hennington are inserting a new layup track.

Trains going by  MPG 44M     WMV 3M

DSC04096.jpg (113502 bytes)  DSC04097.jpg (130071 bytes)  DSC04113.jpg (100426 bytes)  DSC04114.jpg (102619 bytes)  DSC04114.jpg (102619 bytes)  DSC04115.jpg (101531 bytes)  DSC04116.jpg (116644 bytes)  DSC04117.jpg (109466 bytes)DSC04112.jpg (123399 bytes)

This is George Luhrs, wonderful model maker and all around nice guy.  If you have attended any of the Cabin Fever shows you may recognize George from his display in the lobby of the exhibition hall.  


DSC04098.jpg (121933 bytes)  DSC04099.jpg (109404 bytes)  DSC04100.jpg (87149 bytes)  DSC04104.jpg (105177 bytes)  DSC04105.jpg (87558 bytes)  DSC04108.jpg (99749 bytes)

DSC04107.jpg (95213 bytes)   1" scale coal fired Atlantic

DSC04110.jpg (118414 bytes)  DSC04111.jpg (124267 bytes)  Unloading MPG 104M    WMV 8M  Tom Oversluizen's car used to transport his 1" scale train  You can pack a lot in a Ford Escort wagon if you are careful.

Unloading from van MPG 66M    WMV  5.5M     

DSC04119.jpg (136290 bytes) DSC04125.jpg (104389 bytes)  DSC04122.jpg (91252 bytes)  DSC04126.jpg (113291 bytes)  Eric Steinberg and his Dad, Bob preparing their 1" scale train for a trip around the track on the Highline.  

DSC04121.jpg (104357 bytes)  Tom Oversluizen and his 1" scale coal fired Atlantic

DSC04124.jpg (98474 bytes)  DSC04123.jpg (118947 bytes)  Walter Poppe with his 1" scale Pacific Electric RR interurban baggage/express motor.  I had the treat of two loops around the Highline behind Walter's engine.  

DSC04127.jpg (126116 bytes)  Train Master of Babylon grill team.  

Highline video  MPG 52M      WMV 4M

Highline video   MPG 55M     WMV 4M

When we left LILS we headed into Brooklyn to se the waterfalls that are set up this summer in NYC.  The maze of streets in NYC had our GPS gadget going around in circles but finally we found the spot we were looking for and took these photos of the waterfalls.  I guess that art is whatever someone decides it is.

DSC04128.jpg (187555 bytes)  DSC04129.jpg (147680 bytes)

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