I went over to Jim Paquette's shop today to photograph some dollys that he uses for moving Bridgeport type machines.  While I was there I took a few pics of Edgar the Donut Hound's digs.

First the dollys:

Sorry. Edgar got in there ahead of the dollys

P6010015.JPG (137381 bytes)  One of these dollys is upside down on the other.  The top one is upside down.

P6010016.JPG (141646 bytes)

P6010017.JPG (141643 bytes)  OK.  How often do you see a cement block dog house with a picture window.

P6010018.JPG (115786 bytes)  This power cable feeds electricity to the heater to keep Edgar toasty in the winter

P6010019.JPG (107739 bytes)