Waushakum Live Steamers New Years Day Steam Up

Contributed by Bill Brackett, Bill Brackett Photos



Dscn0503.jpg (183272 bytes)


Russ Steeves and friends


Dscn0504.jpg (165304 bytes)  Less Russell and Russ Steeves


Dscn0507.jpg (186118 bytes)  Loading up for a run


 Dscn0509.jpg (175271 bytes)  Starting out


Dscn0510.jpg (198304 bytes)  Approaching the tunnel with Russ S. going the other way


Dscn0511.jpg (180965 bytes)  Approaching the underpass


Dscn0512.jpg (196746 bytes)  Approaching the bridge


Dscn0513.jpg (194655 bytes)  Headed into the tunnel again



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