January 2003 Poster Session Meeting

Our January meetings are traditionally "poster session".  Everyone is encouraged to bring something for show and tell since there is such a possibility of bad weather canceling a meeting that a speaker is not scheduled.

Here are pictures of some of the things that were brought in.

02 Jan Meeting 1.jpg (45350 bytes)  1.

A paper folding device for mailing the Gazette by Bob Nierdorff       

02 Jan Meeting 2.jpg (42644 bytes) 2.

Henry Szoctek's ongoing Concertina project

02 Jan Meeting 3.jpg (49806 bytes)  3.

A George Thomas Pillar Tool made by Todd Cahill.

02 Jan Meeting 4.jpg (56192 bytes) 4.

Dave Osier and Steve Peters  pass some time in deep conversation

02 Jan Meeting 5.jpg (33650 bytes)5.

Flywheel casting supplied by Bruce Engineering for the Benson's vertical engine designed by Tony Mount and described in Model Engineer. Work by Fred Jaggi

02 Jan Meeting 6.jpg (49766 bytes) 6.

Alan Bugbee's ornamentally-turned kaleidoscopes and the
fixtures for cutting wooden slats to make the coopered bodies

02 Jan Meeting 7.jpg (50953 bytes) 7.
Left is Vern Eshbaugh, Center Maybe Bill Bracket,  Right looks like Vic

02 Jan Meeting 8.jpg (56864 bytes)8.

L to R  Rollie Evans, Gene Martha and Clive Dalby

02 Jan Meeting 9.jpg (49992 bytes) 9.

Stepper motor circuits and drivers from Larry
Keegan. (9 and 10)

02 Jan Meeting 10.jpg (45789 bytes) 10.


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