Iron Guild

Halloween Night Pour at the Steel Yard, Providence RI


On Halloween night the Iron Guild from the Massachusetts College of Art put on their annual night time Iron pour at the Steel Yard in Providence RI.  I left home at 5:00 PM, stopped for a bite at Wendy's restaurant on the way and found the place with the aid of my trusty Magellan GPS gizmo.  Without it I would still be wandering the byways of Providence.

I got to the Steel Yard about 7:00 PM and there were already a goodly number of folks there.  I was not able to get a front row position so had to take what photos I could over, between and around the heads of those in front of me.  I stayed about an hour before my aching back drove me away.


DSC05186.jpg (81284 bytes)  DSC05187.jpg (93971 bytes)  DSC05188.jpg (126722 bytes)  DSC05189.jpg (50659 bytes)  DSC05190.jpg (108618 bytes)  DSC05192.jpg (109525 bytes)  DSC05193.jpg (96738 bytes)  DSC05194.jpg (111588 bytes)  The bat and skull and crossbones were poured in open face moulds.

DSC05195.jpg (75630 bytes)  Since I know nothing about target shooting what are all the K and D designations on this target? 

DSC05197.jpg (138336 bytes)  What is an iron pour without an trebuchet on hand?

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