Meijer Gardens

Grand Rapids,  Michigan

The Meijers run a very successful chain of grocery stores in the midwest of the United States.  This property was to have been used for a new supermarket but the local town fathers denied the building permit for this location.  So the land was donated to a trust and these gardens were built.

I can usually take or leave (mostly leave) this sort of thing but my wife puts up with endless machine shows so it only seems fair to visit places that she likes along the way. 


DSC00976x.JPG (106271 bytes)  DSC00977x.JPG (312929 bytes) DSC00981x.JPG (173414 bytes)  These beautiful supports that evoke the image of trees were cast in forms on the ground (on site) and lifted into position by crane.

Meijer_1.jpg (142564 bytes)  T. Groff photo

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DSC00987x.JPG (197849 bytes)

DSC00990x.JPG (189148 bytes) Meijer_2.jpg (161494 bytes)  Errol and Terri Groff

  DSC00992x.JPG (90462 bytes)  DSC00993x.JPG (91406 bytes)  DSC00996x.JPG (71895 bytes)  DSC00998x.JPG (103664 bytes)  DSC00999x.JPG (69550 bytes)

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Meijer_3.jpg (137276 bytes)  Butterfly_Wrangler.jpg (86470 bytes)  Butterflies are imported fro many sources.  They are received in their chrysalis form and allowed to hatch.  A butterfly wrangler captures them for release into the main area.  T. Groff photos

DSC01006x.JPG (276036 bytes)  DSC01007x.JPG (140145 bytes)  DSC01009x.JPG (141831 bytes) 

DSC01010x.JPG (109498 bytes)  DSC01012x.JPG (84025 bytes)  DSC01013x.JPG (59481 bytes)  DSC01014x.JPG (92937 bytes)  DSC01015x.JPG (157809 bytes)  This magnificent sculpture was patterned on a project that Leonardo DaVinci drew up but never built.  The sculptor made two horses, one for the Meijer Gardens and one for Florence Italy where Leonardo was to have built his.

DSC01016x.JPG (78180 bytes)  The dome on the right covers the stage of the outdoor amphitheater

DSC01018x.JPG (162389 bytes)  DSC01019x.JPG (140433 bytes) 

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