Photos from German modelers in Neuberg, Germany

Fred Jaggi tried to post these photos to our group mail list but that is not permitted by our Yahoo setup so he forwarded them to me and asked that they be put on a web page for all our members to enjoy.

Here is the text from Bob Merriam who forwarded it to Fred.

Dear Mr. Merriam,

we are a group of model-engineers in Germany. Our interests are old steam engines and the history of steam engines of the 19th. century.With this mail i send you 5 pictures of a model, which was build by a friend of mine. The original engine is standing in an old saw-mill and we are affraid, that the engine will give to scrab, when the owners are died (now 84 and 82 years old). We are always looking for interesting systems and designes of old steam engines for our models. Therefore we found your homepage and also 2 engines, we want to build as models. At this time, my friend ist building a corliss engine model.The original comes from the company Andre Berger in Thann, France. We take several hundreds of fotos and made also drawings from this interesting engine. Unfortunately we heard, that this engine should also given to scrab. On your homepage we found another very interesting engine to build as a model and that means your Imroved Greene Engine. We would like to ask you for more information about this engine. Do you know the patent number of mr. Greene`s engines. To build a working model to exakt scale, we need every information, which we can get about it. It would be a great help, if we would know the patent number of the Improved Greene engine. Can you help us?

Thank you very much for an answer and have a nice day

sincerely yours
Hans-Joachim Fries
Neuburg,(a small village at the river Rhine)

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