George King's Annual Get Together

Franklin CT

3 November 2008

George King's place is right in my back yard.  In fact my favorite daughter (OK my only daughter) lives in the town of Franklin so today I headed up there with a stop at the daughter's house on the way.

It has been a couple of years since I last visited George's get together and it has grown quite a bit.  Lots more antique cars than last time I was there.

When I got home I started to process photos for this page and promptly had a crash and lost the photos off the memory card out of the camera.  Hmmm,  not good.  With a tip from the Computer Talk with TAB web site I was able to download a small recovery utility which did the job.  So, here are the photos.....


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SC05254.jpg (137304 bytes)  SC05255.jpg (231122 bytes)  SC05256.jpg (173635 bytes)  SC05257.jpg (185906 bytes)

  Video clip of steam table and Russ Steeves fine Ryder-Ericsson hot air engine

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