Open House at George King's

North Franklin, Connecticut

30 October 2005

It has been several years since I made it over to George's house for his fall gathering and boy has it grown.  All are invited to stop by to visit and admire his collection of old "stuff" and to bring any sort of mechanical whatever to add to the fun. 

Since I live only about 10 miles from George's home I headed over there about noon on a bright fall day to what there was to see.  Yesterday (29 October) I had gone up to Windsor VT to visit the American Precision Museum show and today I saw many of the same folks in Franklin. 

There are a number of antique car photos in this set and since I am not an old car person if anyone wants to email me with information about any particular car I will be happy to add it to the page.

PA300060.JPG (407607 bytes)  Photo 1

PA300062.JPG (275738 bytes)  PA300063.JPG (301275 bytes)  PA300064.JPG (54419 bytes)  This nice steam launch was admired by all

PA300065.JPG (367923 bytes)  PA300066.JPG (184655 bytes)  This enormous Packard engine was on display

  PA300068.JPG (225921 bytes)  PA300069.JPG (198700 bytes) PA300067.JPG (260696 bytes)

 PA300070.JPG (268591 bytes)  This beautiful compound steam engine was built by Don Favell

PA300071.JPG (455598 bytes)  PA300072.JPG (420348 bytes)  PA300073.JPG (418205 bytes)  PA300074.JPG (427691 bytes)

 PA300075.JPG (379444 bytes)  PA300076.JPG (381196 bytes)  Is this a steam tractor or traction engine?  Either way it was pretty neat

PA300077.JPG (273579 bytes)  This stunning model boat is about four feet long a just gorgeous!

  PA300079.JPG (394315 bytes)PA300078.JPG (490845 bytes)  Stanley Steamer

PA300080.JPG (362646 bytes)

PA300081.JPG (383407 bytes)  PA300083.JPG (171962 bytes)  These gas prices were before my time.  I do remember 29.9 gas though

PA300084.JPG (430226 bytes)

 PA300085.JPG (417561 bytes)

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