Horseless Carriage Club of America

Hosted at the New England Museum of Wireless and Steam

East Greenwich, RI

27 June 2007


Last Wednesday my friend Dave Bono and I attended a workshop for educators interested in manufacturing.  That was followed by a visit to the Haas Machine Tool showroom in Windsor CT.

During the day Dave asked me if I was interested in going to the Horseless Carriage show in Greenwich RI on the following Wednesday.  I said sure, why not.

Last night Dave called me to say that he had to go to a funeral on the day of the show, which I had completely forgotten about.  So Dave who started this thing didn't go and I, who had forgotten about it, did.  I think it was a plot on Dave's part to get me to go out and take pictures of old cars on what was the hottest and most humid day of early summer.

Here are some photos of the show.

DSC02022.JPG (149974 bytes)  DSC02023.JPG (156708 bytes)  DSC02024.JPG (200110 bytes)    The museum had steam up and engines were working in the machine shed.

DSC02025.JPG (179565 bytes)  DSC02026.JPG (144322 bytes)  Since I know little or nothing about old cars (or new ones for that matter) I tried to take a photo of the profile of each car and of the front where most have some sort of identifier on them.

DSC02027.JPG (174006 bytes)  DSC02028.JPG (210498 bytes)  White

DSC02029.JPG (166697 bytes)  DSC02030.JPG (142468 bytes)  DSC02031.JPG (112982 bytes)  Hudson Motor Car

DSC02032.JPG (167517 bytes)  DSC02033.JPG (143176 bytes)  Ford          DSC02034.JPG (180222 bytes)  DSC02035.JPG (116316 bytes)  Fiat         

DSC02037.JPG (159645 bytes)  DSC02038.JPG (256444 bytes) Ford                     DSC02039.JPG (169663 bytes)  DSC02040.JPG (138817 bytes)  Ford         

DSC02041.JPG (168629 bytes)  DSC02042.JPG (163528 bytes)  Buick

DSC02043.JPG (169482 bytes)  DSC02044.JPG (132489 bytes)  Ford                      DSC02045.JPG (156016 bytes)  DSC02046.JPG (153421 bytes)  Buick         

DSC02047.JPG (189455 bytes)  DSC02048.JPG (234425 bytes)  DSC02049.JPG (140871 bytes)  Marmon

DSC02050.JPG (192554 bytes)  DSC02051.JPG (178195 bytes)  White

DSC02052.JPG (193148 bytes)  DSC02053.JPG (144200 bytes)  DSC02054.JPG (161024 bytes)  Ford            DSC02055.JPG (184582 bytes)  DSC02056.JPG (184663 bytes)  Ford

DSC02057.JPG (198018 bytes)  DSC02059.JPG (149177 bytes)  Cadillac      

DSC02060.JPG (193811 bytes)  DSC02060.JPG (193811 bytes)  DSC02061.JPG (164528 bytes)  Buick

DSC02062.JPG (200731 bytes)  DSC02063.JPG (147569 bytes)  Cadillac                DSC02064.JPG (189470 bytes)  DSC02066.JPG (159159 bytes)  Ford

DSC02067.JPG (159836 bytes)  DSC02068.JPG (143792 bytes)  Abbott Detroit

DSC02069.JPG (163505 bytes)  DSC02070.JPG (156797 bytes)  DSC02071.JPG (93116 bytes)

DSC02072.JPG (183712 bytes)  DSC02073.JPG (142731 bytes)  Cadillac            DSC02074.JPG (180845 bytes)  DSC02075.JPG (127739 bytes)  Cadillac

DSC02076.JPG (181414 bytes)  DSC02077.JPG (160333 bytes)  Simplex           DSC02078.JPG (171158 bytes)  DSC02079.JPG (165615 bytes)  View of the grounds

DSC02080.JPG (142808 bytes)  DSC02081.JPG (165810 bytes)  DSC02082.JPG (162428 bytes)  DSC02083.JPG (154449 bytes)  ???

DSC02084.JPG (137041 bytes)  DSC02085.JPG (159041 bytes)  DSC02086.JPG (138723 bytes)  DSC02036.JPG (149641 bytes)  ???

DSC02087.JPG (182262 bytes)  DSC02089.JPG (148307 bytes)  DSC02090.JPG (146182 bytes)  DSC02091.JPG (174997 bytes) Buick

DSC02088.JPG (169510 bytes)  DSC02092.JPG (167972 bytes)  DSC02093.JPG (128781 bytes)  DSC02094.JPG (107326 bytes)  Flanders

DSC02095.JPG (190591 bytes)  DSC02096.JPG (155844 bytes)  Ford                     DSC02097.JPG (152334 bytes)  DSC02098.JPG (127691 bytes)  Ford

DSC02099.JPG (148685 bytes)  Lined up in the shade    Cars entering the show

DSC02100.JPG (162440 bytes)  DSC02101.JPG (128239 bytes)  DSC02108.JPG (140695 bytes)  DSC02107.JPG (109542 bytes)  This Lozier was from Colorado and was brought by trailer across the country for this rally.

DSC02102.JPG (165655 bytes)  DSC02103.JPG (141838 bytes)  DSC02104.JPG (152463 bytes)  Look at the great chain drive on this one

DSC02105.JPG (175286 bytes)  DSC02106.JPG (140106 bytes)  Simplex


DSC02109.JPG (183112 bytes)  DSC02110.JPG (137484 bytes)  DSC02116.JPG (157079 bytes)DSC02111.JPG (141798 bytes)  DSC02112.JPG (117912 bytes)  DSC02114.JPG (138175 bytes)

DSC02113.JPG (136807 bytes)    DSC02115.JPG (135003 bytes)  Pope Hartford.  When I was a lad living in Hartford CT one of the Pope factory buildings was a few blocks from our apartment. 

DSC02116.JPG (157079 bytes) 

DSC02117.JPG (182790 bytes)  DSC02118.JPG (151673 bytes)  Cadillac

DSC02119.JPG (147976 bytes)  Ford          DSC02120.JPG (154179 bytes) DSC02121.JPG (344347 bytes) Buick                 

DSC02122.JPG (155638 bytes)   DSC02123.JPG (128514 bytes)  Moline (?)

  DSC02125.JPG (125219 bytes)  DSC02126.JPG (142521 bytes)  Pierce Arrow        DSC02127.JPG (165020 bytes)  DSC02124.JPG (174063 bytes)  Ford

DSC02128.JPG (147495 bytes)   DSC02129.JPG (140489 bytes) DSC02130.JPG (133193 bytes)  DSC02131.JPG (133375 bytes)  Velie

DSC02132.JPG (211999 bytes)  This lady was the only person I saw dressed in period costume.  She graciously consented to pose for a photo for me.

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