Frostbite Crank Up

11 December

Northboro, MA

Slide Show HERE and video HERE

Another year winds to a close with the pancake breakfast at the East Boyleston Fire House and the Frost Bite Crank Up.  And a fine year it has been!  I visited many fine shows and took lots of photos and videos.  Had lots of good fellowship with friends and members of the model/antique engine fraternity and learned many new things along the way.

After an absence of one year the Frostbite Crank Up resumed at a new location just a few miles from its' old place with renewed vigor and interest. 

DSC01837.jpg (169203 bytes)  Rich Hubbard, Russ Steeves, Norm Jones and I met at the firehouse at :00 for what has become an annual tradition pancake breakfast.  I had left Preston CT (about 75 miles south of Boyleston) with about a quarter tank of gas intending to stop in Oxford to fill up.  I got off exit 23b on I290 and passed a Shell station undergoing renovation and thought to myself, self, good thing I didn't plan on getting gas there.  Holy smokes!  I looked at the at the gas gage and figured I was about one mile from getting out an pushing.  Thankfully there was another gas station close by and I filled up the car with more gas than I knew it could hold.  Lucky!

DSC01838.jpg (184719 bytes)  We got to the show and Roy Bear and Eddie Moose took up station in the back of the van to keep an eye on things. 

DSC01839.jpg (299636 bytes)  Apparently I am not the only who travels with companions.

DSC01840.jpg (275045 bytes) Norm Jones' exhibit  DSC01844.jpg (261963 bytes)  DSC01858.jpg (236053 bytes)  Rich Hubbard inspects a loco

DSC01841.jpg (173193 bytes)  DSC01842.jpg (203100 bytes)  DSC01843.jpg (168991 bytes)  DSC01845.jpg (251645 bytes)  DSC01846.jpg (192758 bytes)  DSC01847.jpg (139400 bytes)  DSC01848.jpg (129911 bytes)  DSC01849.jpg (248264 bytes)  DSC01850.jpg (211137 bytes)  DSC01851.jpg (213533 bytes)  DSC01852.jpg (225051 bytes)  DSC01853.jpg (155213 bytes)  DSC01854.jpg (216014 bytes)  DSC01855.jpg (283633 bytes)  DSC01856.jpg (188078 bytes)  DSC01891.jpg (136647 bytes)DSC01857.jpg (284534 bytes)  DSC01859.jpg (213765 bytes)  DSC01860.jpg (153973 bytes)  DSC01861.jpg (182780 bytes)  DSC01862.jpg (216602 bytes)  DSC01863.jpg (141164 bytes)  DSC01865.jpg (251271 bytes)  DSC01867.jpg (263716 bytes)  DSC01868.jpg (195187 bytes)  DSC01869.jpg (162314 bytes)  DSC01870.jpg (192980 bytes)  DSC01871.jpg (317392 bytes)  DSC01872.jpg (317187 bytes)  DSC01873.jpg (248784 bytes)  DSC01874.jpg (222238 bytes)  DSC01876.jpg (207430 bytes)  DSC01877.jpg (200093 bytes)  DSC01878.jpg (217943 bytes)  DSC01879.jpg (170124 bytes)  DSC01880.jpg (217087 bytes)  DSC01881.jpg (206750 bytes)  DSC01882.jpg (204920 bytes)  DSC01883.jpg (173472 bytes)  DSC01885.jpg (183691 bytes)  DSC01887.jpg (146272 bytes)  DSC01888.jpg (150682 bytes)  DSC01889.jpg (145267 bytes)  DSC01890.jpg (178898 bytes)  DSC01892.jpg (215329 bytes)

DSC01893.jpg (246109 bytes)  The boys can spot a pretty girl from a mile off!

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