Frostbite Crank Up - Straw Hollow Engine Works

13 December 2009


Golly.  Another year has rolled by and the final event of 2009 has flown.  The Frostbite Crank Up of the Straw Hollow Engine Works is held on Route 70 in Boylston MA just down the road from the volunteer firehouse which has a pancake breakfast on the same day.  Coincidence? I think not!

  Frostbite video

DSC07544.JPG (145830 bytes)  L to R are Errol Groff, Norm Jones, Rich Hubbard and Russ Steeves.

Anyway, I met up with Russ Steeves, Rich Hubbard and Norm Jones for a fine breakfast treat and we then proceeded from there to the show. The temperature was maybe in the 20's (F) or less but with no wind to speak of it was not bitter cold. The parking area had been cleared of most of the snow as can be seen in the photos to the gathering had a nice area to meet in.

DSC07545.JPG (170518 bytes)  DSC07546.JPG (142568 bytes)  DSC07566.JPG (103994 bytes) Center and right photos are of a steam engine converted from an old compressor.

DSC07547.JPG (160970 bytes)  DSC07560.JPG (206444 bytes)

DSC07548.JPG (110054 bytes)  DSC07557.JPG (106671 bytes) Russ Steeves and his Ryder-Ericcson engine

DSC07549.JPG (103808 bytes)  DSC07553.JPG (97788 bytes)  Rich Hubbard and his (R) three poster engine which is under construction.  I should have put a dollar bill in the photo to show scale.   The engine is a bit less than 6 inches long and maybe 3" wide.

DSC07550.JPG (154323 bytes)  DSC07554.JPG (143258 bytes)  DSC07555.JPG (90715 bytes)  DSC07559.JPG (173182 bytes)  Norm didn't have much luck getting his Ryder-Ericcson to run as the propane bottle was so cold that it would not build the necessary pressure.  I suggested a brief stint in the camp fire for the bottle but that was rejected.

DSC07551.JPG (161910 bytes)  DSC07552.JPG (144401 bytes)  DSC07556.JPG (154901 bytes)    

DSC07558.JPG (138176 bytes) The boys perched on the roof of the car to keep an eye on the goings on. If you don't know by now they are Roy Bear and Eddie Moose my traveling companions.  

DSC07561.JPG (159449 bytes)  DSC07562.JPG (97953 bytes)  An appropriate engine to show in the snow.

DSC07563.JPG (142176 bytes)  DSC07564.JPG (119042 bytes) 

DSC07565.JPG (125308 bytes)  I couldn't get a good photo of this electric rail car as the sun was behind it an pretty low in the sky.

DSC07567.JPG (133474 bytes)  DSC07568.JPG (84243 bytes)  DSC07569.JPG (116839 bytes)  DSC07570.JPG (122937 bytes)

The boys are never shy about caging hugs from the ladies and apparently Norm has decided to follow their lead!

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