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Frost Bite Crank Up

14 December 2008

The boys and I left the house at 6:30 AM today and motored on up to Boyleston MA for the Frost Bite Crank Up.  I had several calls from Norm Jones the night before concerning whether or no the event would take place as most all of Massachusetts was without power from the terrible ice storm of Thursday and Friday.  But nothing ventured, nothing gained so off we went.  It was not until I got off of I291 that I began to see evidence of the storm.  Fortunately the roads were clear and ice free.

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We met at the fire house a mile or so up Route 70 from where the Crank Up was to take place and enjoyed a pancake breakfast that the fire troops were putting on.

DSC05267.jpg (69403 bytes)  DSC05268.jpg (108061 bytes)  Santa was in attendance and the pancakes were good.

DSC05270.jpg (138414 bytes)  DSC05271.jpg (175874 bytes)  DSC05273.jpg (118733 bytes)  DSC05274.jpg (101521 bytes)  DSC05275.jpg (84375 bytes)  DSC05276.jpg (124763 bytes)  DSC05277.jpg (119492 bytes)  DSC05278.jpg (332409 bytes)  DSC05279.jpg (144512 bytes)  Attendance seemed to be down from last year probably due to the fact that so many folks were without power.

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