Frostbite 2007

9 December 2007

Boylston, Massachusetts

At our recent club meeting (6 Dec.) Norm Jones mentioned that this event was coming up several day hence.  I had not heard of this outing before so I resolved to roll out of the sack early on the 9th and make my way up to Boylston. 

The fire station, just up the road from where the event was to take place, was hosting a pancake breakfast this morning and I agreed to meet up with Norm and some other NEMES members there at 8:30 AM.  That meant rolling out of bed at 6:00 to get underway in order to get up to Boylston on time.  I left the house at about 6:50 and arrived at about 8:10.  It helped that the event was in the general area of the Straw Hollow show which I had attended back in August so the area was not completely new to me.

Russ Steeves and Rich Hubbard arrived at the fire station and Norm rolled in a few moments later. The breakfast was great with pancakes, sausage, hot cocoa, coffee and orange juice. 

Also present was Santa Claus  DSC02934.jpg (85089 bytes) and a slew of kids!  After the meal we headed down Route 70 a mile or so to where the engine show was set up.  Set up being a relative term.  A sizeable section of the front yard of the host's home served the purpose nicely.  Cars and trucks pulled in off the road, tail gates went down, trunk lids went  up and the displays were complete.  I lasted about and hour and a half before my toes and finger tips were complaining so I said my goodbyes and headed home. 

  DSC02935.jpg (112272 bytes)  These two ladies joined us when their table next to us spilled over with husbands and kids.  They got an ear full of model engineering talk and were given invitations to visit our club and several of the live steam meets next summer which they think their kids will enjoy. 

DSC02933.jpg (97032 bytes)  Rich Hubbard (L) and Russ Steeves.

DSC02936.jpg (129721 bytes)  DSC02937.jpg (321452 bytes)  DSC02938.jpg (138260 bytes)  This engine and D.C. generator (dynamo?) came as a unit from an old factory.

DSC02939.jpg (94146 bytes)  DSC02940.jpg (111050 bytes)  DSC02941.jpg (94795 bytes)  DSC02943.jpg (183790 bytes)  A very handsome model engine

DSC02944.jpg (135621 bytes)  It took a while to get this fire going but once it was blazing it provided welcome warmth.

    Norm Jones' Engines          Tank Heater,  very cool!

DSC02945.jpg (139079 bytes)  DSC02949.jpg (117735 bytes)  DSC02965.jpg (115677 bytes)  Part of the hearty crowd.

DSC02946.jpg (133073 bytes)  DSC02947.jpg (111289 bytes)  DSC02948.jpg (113528 bytes)  Todd Cahill's engines. 

DSC02950.jpg (84022 bytes)  It takes a warm hand to keep a sterling engine running on a cold day!

DSC02953.jpg (114399 bytes)  DSC02954.jpg (104196 bytes)  Russ Hubbard's work.

 DSC02956.jpg (111415 bytes)  DSC02957.jpg (112913 bytes)  DSC02958.jpg (94650 bytes)  I was told this engine was quite rare.  I will have to wait for Norm to update me on its pedigree

DSC02960.jpg (90877 bytes)    DSC02961.jpg (93253 bytes)  DSC02963.jpg (118633 bytes) DSC02959.jpg (96431 bytes)DSC02960.jpg (90877 bytes)  Smal Engine Video

DSC02964.jpg (116051 bytes)  Antique chain saw.

Some video clips to follow in the next few days.

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