A hot time in the old town tonight!

While riding the mower today (15 May 2008) the darn thing stalled.  I took a look and didn't see anything amiss.  Got back on and cranked it to life.  Bad move.

DSC03644.jpg (113027 bytes)  DSC03645.jpg (95723 bytes)  DSC03647.jpg (104355 bytes)  Started small but.....

DSC03646.jpg (90543 bytes)  DSC03648.jpg (104509 bytes)  DSC03649.jpg (96750 bytes)  Got rolling in a hurry!  A full tank of gas,  $8.00 up in smoke.

DSC03651.jpg (92903 bytes)  The fire department came, one guy in a pickup truck, and handled the blaze.

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