Essex Shipbuilding Museum

Essex, Massachusetts

Photos and text contributed by Al Goldberg

These are photos of a steam show at the Essex Museum on October 13, 2007. Essex is a small post-card village on the North Shore with a waterway leading to the adjacent Essex Marshes and the sea. In past times it was the site of extensive ship building with the Museum continuing the tradition. There is a busy marina - not part of the Museum, several boat repair projects are underway, also one photo shows part of a log pile where lumber is weathering for future repair material. Despite the October date the weather gave a splendid summer day, the show was well attended, and a number of NEMES people were there along with some displays.

The show was organized by Ed Howard, not a NEMES member but a steam buff with an interest in marine launches. Two steam launches were busy taking people for short trips into the marshes during the show. Ed also discovered that an abandoned sewage pumping station in Chelsea, containing radial Corliss steam pumps, is now declared surplus by the state and is hoping that something can be done to preserve the site. If interested contact him at 978-768-7282.

MG_0014.jpg (169597 bytes) What a neat looking old truck.  Anyone have any information about it? 

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MG_0018-1.jpg (183607 bytes)  MG_0019-1.jpg (146547 bytes)  MG_0020-1.jpg (171609 bytes)  Todd Cahill's work?

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MG_0031-1.jpg (192431 bytes)  MG_0032-1.jpg (155060 bytes)  (L) Norm Jones and Ed Rogers

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