Essex Shipbuilding Museum

2nd Annual Steam Muster 18 October 2008

Essex, MA

Norm Jones handed me a disc of photos at the Straw Hollow Frostbite Crank Up and I have put them on a separate page HERE

17 November 2008  I recently received a letter from Ed Howard with more information about some of the exhibits at the show.  I will put them in  red print to make them stand out.

DSC05056.jpg (178077 bytes)  DSC05057.jpg (136154 bytes)  DSC05106.jpg (148701 bytes)  DSC05107.jpg (323822 bytes)  MPG WMV  Todd Cahill's display.  This was the first time I had seen Todd set up his wonderful display and let me tell you, there is a LOT of work that goes into it!

DSC05060.jpg (101073 bytes)  DSC05061.jpg (86896 bytes)  DSC05062.gif (265749 bytes) 

DSC05063.jpg (137269 bytes)  DSC05065.jpg (104004 bytes)  DSC05066.jpg (131350 bytes)  ( L to R)  Museum personality Ed Howard (right in photo) chats with some fellows coming in to display, Terri Groff tries to warm up with a cup of coffee and last one of NEMES new show signs.

DSC05068.jpg (143544 bytes)  DSC05069.jpg (126186 bytes)  DSC05070.jpg (208329 bytes)  Great display of antique steam models

DSC05072.jpg (203545 bytes)  MPG WMV  Self contained steam engine and boiler for small operations.  The engine was built in the Colt Works in Hartford CT after the Civil War (War of Northern Aggression, if you prefer).

DSC05073.jpg (133466 bytes)    MPG    WMV  Ray HasBrouck designed #8 engine mounted in a very fine looking launch.  Turned out that all day I was sending folks over to the launch to see a completed and running #8 and they were sending folks to my display to see what the same engine looks like in pieces since I am still building my #8

DSC05074.jpg (161861 bytes)  DSC05075.jpg (116406 bytes)   Another launch on display

DSC05076.jpg (209060 bytes)  DSC05077.jpg (91931 bytes)  DSC05078.jpg (111579 bytes)  DSC05079.jpg (140668 bytes) 

MPG WMV  The band is the Goodhues Band.  You can find more about them on their site:


DSC05082.jpg (165744 bytes)  DSC05083.jpg (158918 bytes)  DSC05084.jpg (122548 bytes)  DSC05085.jpg (131257 bytes)  DSC05090.jpg (106034 bytes) A great collection of whistles  The whistle display is shown by John Schroeder of North Andover MA.  

DSC05086.jpg (145299 bytes)  DSC05087.jpg (183626 bytes)  DSC05088.jpg (182301 bytes)  DSC05089.jpg (177055 bytes)  DSC05091.jpg (186686 bytes)  When the tide goes out in Essex it goes WAY out

DSC05092.jpg (171838 bytes)  DSC05123.jpg (245729 bytes)  DSC05126.jpg (159494 bytes)  DSC05131.jpg (178705 bytes)

DSC05093.jpg (188158 bytes)  DSC05094.jpg (144694 bytes)  DSC05095.jpg (146051 bytes)  DSC05096.jpg (190134 bytes)  DSC05102.jpg (161814 bytes)

DSC05098.jpg (116437 bytes)  Modeler checks his display in the Waterline building  DSC05100.jpg (75729 bytes)

DSC05099.jpg (102411 bytes)      DSC05101.jpg (160328 bytes)  (L) Bill Brackett built and displayed his drill sharpening grinder while the designer Les Russell looks on.  That is Les in the (R) photo

DSC05080.jpg (155231 bytes)  DSC05104.jpg (160256 bytes)  DSC05105.jpg (153553 bytes)  VERY old coal truck      MPG WMV   The coal truck belongs to Ted Valpey of Dover NH. The manufacturer was Autocar Company of Ardmore PA.  The date of manufacture is not certain but is believed to be 1908, 1909 or 1910.  The truck was in service in Glouster MA and may very well have delivered coal to the Essex Shipyard in its day. 

DSC05108.jpg (130375 bytes)  Norm Jones chats with show visitors

DSC05109.jpg (99566 bytes)  DSC05110.jpg (120118 bytes)  DSC05111.jpg (114145 bytes)  NEMES member Oliver  ?? displayed this lovely model steamer

DSC05112.jpg (120107 bytes)  DSC05114.jpg (151937 bytes)  DSC05115.jpg (160798 bytes)  DSC05116.jpg (110913 bytes)  DSC05117.jpg (209608 bytes)  DSC05137.jpg (163222 bytes)  Great locos on display

DSC05118.jpg (170407 bytes)  DSC05119.jpg (139773 bytes)  DSC05120.jpg (137082 bytes)  In the museum workshop

DSC05122.jpg (109807 bytes)    DSC05125.jpg (177997 bytes)    DSC05127.jpg (123382 bytes) 

DSC05128.jpg (136726 bytes)  The gentleman on the right is Barry O'Brien who was doing Muster announcing with a wireless microphone and went around the grounds interviewing exhibitors.  A very nice touch which added to the show.

DSC05132.jpg (161366 bytes)  DSC05130.jpg (181258 bytes)  Music was provided by this blue grass band

      DSC05133.jpg (122159 bytes)  DSC05135.jpg (107954 bytes)  I think I heard that these engines were being displayed by a MIT professor but I didn't get an opportunity to meet him.

DSC05136.jpg (196711 bytes)    Bea and Dick Boucher.  Dick is NEMES current president  MPG WMV The screaming noise is Dick's blower mounted on the top of the smokestack.

DSC05138.jpg (181985 bytes)  DSC05139.jpg (203396 bytes)  DSC05140.jpg (273973 bytes)  DSC05141.jpg (210981 bytes) 

Half scale Rumley traction engine MPG WMV

These photos were received from Al Goldberg on 12 November 2008l  Thank you Al!

MG_0180.jpg (205592 bytes)  MG_0181.jpg (190775 bytes)  MG_0182-1.jpg (177914 bytes)  MG_0185.jpg (142570 bytes)  MG_0188.jpg (132035 bytes)  MG_0188-1.jpg (191605 bytes)  MG_0189-1.jpg (119646 bytes)  MG_0190-1.jpg (211291 bytes)  MG_0191-1.jpg (229712 bytes)  MG_0192-1.jpg (172615 bytes)  MG_0197.jpg (174544 bytes)  MG_0203-1.jpg (143624 bytes)  MG_0208.jpg (211089 bytes)  MG_0214.jpg (170580 bytes)  MG_0215.jpg (172692 bytes)  MG_0216.jpg (162970 bytes)  MG_0217.jpg (145447 bytes)  MG_0219-1.jpg (169598 bytes)  MG_0222.jpg (189193 bytes)  MG_0227-1.jpg (148264 bytes)  MG_0229-1.jpg (180255 bytes)  MG_0231-1.jpg (159821 bytes)  MG_0236.jpg (171205 bytes)  MG_0237-1.jpg (166582 bytes)  MG_0241.jpg (158053 bytes)  MG_0242.jpg (222879 bytes)


DSC05142.jpg (126134 bytes)  DSC05143.jpg (124695 bytes)  DSC05144.jpg (106276 bytes)  DSC05145.jpg (103424 bytes)  DSC05146.jpg (93823 bytes)

A new what is it?   An email correspondent, Waly, of northern Nevada tells me that this tool is a sausage stuffer.  Thanks Waly!

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