Ed Rogers Open House

Saugus MA

7 August 2011

For years our group has enjoyed open houses a Rollie Gaucher's shop in Spencer MA.  Ed decided he would like to have one of his own and set 7 August as the date.  The turnout was light (the usual suspects as it were) but those in attendance had a fine time even though the weather was quite foul.  I drove up from S.E. CT through off and on rain and drizzle but when I got to Ed's the skies opened and I had to sit in the car for maybe five minutes before ti slacked off enough to make the short dash into Ed's garage.  Seeing his shop and the work he accomplishes in it was well worth the trip however.

DSC00848.jpg (163861 bytes)  DSC00849.jpg (155764 bytes)  This is what happens when the camera bag is in front of the A/C vent in the car and then you get out into 1000% humidity.

DSC00852.jpg (181311 bytes)  DSC00853.jpg (227602 bytes)  DSC00850.jpg (203726 bytes) Three lathes grace the shop  DSC00860.jpg (193775 bytes)

DSC00855.jpg (193979 bytes)  Another of Ed's hobbies is R/C model planes.  I recognized these tow from my years in the hobby (long, long ago) as varients of the Ugly-Stik planes that were popular some forty years back.

DSC00856.jpg (184389 bytes)  DSC00857.jpg (172986 bytes)  DSC00858.jpg (211142 bytes)  DSC00859.jpg (237996 bytes)   

DSC00861.jpg (218957 bytes)  This is the belt reduction on the Craftsman bandsaw

DSC00862.jpg (387082 bytes)  Drill mill  DSC00863.jpg (213064 bytes)  Bench horizontal mill

DSC00864.jpg (183201 bytes)  DSC00865.jpg (211347 bytes) 

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