A big thank you to member Al Goldberg for sending these photos and video clips from the recent EASTEC show.  I can never remember if cameras are allowed or not at the show and I never take mine.  All photos, video and text are by Al Goldberg.

The Eastec 2008 show was mostly about production tooling and accessories along with samples of digital programming. I didn't see any large machines except for a few that demonstrated high speed tooling along with current uses of the digital technology.

In addition to some general views, some of the more interesting things are:

IMG_0137.jpg (171338 bytes)  IMG_0157-1.jpg (141617 bytes)  IMG_0158-1.jpg (107863 bytes) 

IMG_0138.jpg (114211 bytes)  IMG_0140-1.jpg (104902 bytes) 

img_0138.jpg shows a probe that moves over a complex surface, gives a readout of dimensional accuracy of the surface. img_0141-1.jpg is what the machine looks like.

IMG_0151.jpg (137632 bytes)  IMG_0152.jpg (144037 bytes)  IMG_0155-1.jpg (115746 bytes)

img_0151.jpg to 0155-1.jpg are various views of a high speed milling machine;

IMG_0161.jpg (146117 bytes) 

img_0161.jpg is the rotor of a complex centrifugal pump made by a CAD-CAM program that guided a tool from above to create the upper peripheral passages then from below to form the lower passages. The programmer is a former German toolmaker, says he did it in one day.


mvi_0156.avi is a movie clip of it in action.


mvi_0160.avi is another mill in action.

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