EAA Chapter 1363 Quonset Point RI  

Strawberry Pancake Fly In - Smithfield International Airport

8 July 2006


This is bit offbeat for the NEMES pages but there is metalworking and old tractors involved so what the heck.  I had made a couple small parts for Frank Nowak, a member of 1363, and visited one of their get togethers at Quonset Point airport so when I got an email about this Pancake breakfast it seemed like a good excuse to take a ride.  Like I ever need an excuse!

PICT0074.JPG (50882 bytes) A Smith Miniplane undergoing a ground up restoration

These tractors were on display off to the side of the field.  Take a close look at the green Oliver below.  I don't ever recall seeing a tractor set up for propane fuel.  But then there are a LOT of things I haven't seen.

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PICT0079.JPG (42361 bytes)  PICT0080.JPG (66767 bytes)  PICT0081.JPG (37093 bytes)  PICT0082.JPG (69092 bytes)

  PICT0084.JPG (51859 bytes)  PICT0083.JPG (54869 bytes)  

PICT0085.JPG (60565 bytes)  PICT0086.JPG (38244 bytes)  PICT0087.JPG (35450 bytes)  

PICT0088.JPG (66820 bytes)  PICT0089.JPG (43712 bytes)

PICT0090.JPG (69489 bytes)  This is a view of the tent where delicious pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon were being cooked up.

PICT0091.JPG (67107 bytes)  PICT0092.JPG (41901 bytes)  PICT0093.JPG (45028 bytes)  This whopping big plane is an Antonov AN2, a Soviet era utility workhorse. It is undergoing restoration by the Antonov Foundation.  For more information about this project contact damonise@cox.net

PICT0096.JPG (52920 bytes)  A Luscombe Silvaire (?) 

PICT0097.JPG (55121 bytes)

PICT0098.JPG (47026 bytes)  PICT0099.JPG (42239 bytes)   The Piper in the left photo was rebuilt by Don Lapointe the fellow in the right photo.  He is chatting with my wife, Terri,  about his wife's interest in quilting.  Terri has a pal who is very big into that hobby and promised to put the two ladies in contact.

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