Experimental Aircraft Association  Museum

August 2003

It had been many years since I took time to visit the EAA Museum (http://www.airventuremuseum.org/) when attending the EAA's annual convention and fly-in in Oshkosh.  But I am always put off by the heavy crowds at the museum during the fly in. This year however I was able to visit and avoid the crowds  My wife had driven out to Oshkosh with me on the 25th and 26th of July returning to Connecticut by commercial flight on the 28th as she had to work that week.  Plus two nights in a tent were pretty much her limit of roughing it.  She returned to Wisconsin on August 4th and I picked her up at the airport in Appleton and her vacation started.  We stayed overnight in Oshkosh and then headed to Hayward WI to see the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum.  But that is the subject of another photo essay.

At any rate, we were scheduled to tour the Kohler company on Monday the 11th and found ourselves with a free day on Sunday the 3rd.  Since we were in Milwaukee on the 2nd we decided to drive back to Oshkosh and visit the museum. 

It was almost like having an exclusive visit.  I practically had the place to myself!  Here are the photos I took.  

Photo documentation is one of my downfalls so if you spot a misidentified subject don't hesitate to send along a correction which I will promptly fix. errol.groff@snet.net


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