New Hampshire Power of the Past

Dunstable MA Show 1 May 2011

Dunstable is one of my favorite shows, the size, layout and friendly people are always a joy to visit.  Unfortunately it is way noth in MA and quite a drive from my house in southeastern CT so an early departure was on order.  7:30AM found my wife and I headed north.  The boys decided to stay home since there was no chance of a train ride!  Traffic was light and we made good time since Terri drive and her foot is a bit heavier than mine.

Slide Show Click HERE          Combined video of CAMA Spring Meet and Dunstable

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DSC09173.jpg (277866 bytes)  DSC09174.jpg (233827 bytes)  DSC09175.jpg (169432 bytes)  Jim Paquette (seated far left) and his long time pal Edgar.  Edgar is now sixteen years old, moving slower and mostly deaf but still answers the call to get in the truck and head out to a show.

DSC09176.jpg (136423 bytes)  This fellow, a member of NEMES, described this object to me as a weight of some sort.  This one is made of palm wood and he wonders if anyone can tell him where he could get some anthracite coal that he could use to make some duplicates of it.  If you can help him out let me know ( ) and I will forward the information to him.

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DSC09206.jpg (282142 bytes)  DSC09207.jpg (229243 bytes)  DSC09208.jpg (223878 bytes)  DSC09209.jpg (274451 bytes)  I think that this is an antique corn harvester.  What a marvelous collection of chains, cogs and wheels.

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