New Hampshire Power of the Past

Dunstable 2009

The boys and I left the driveway from our Preston CT home at 5:36 AM on Sunday 3 May and headed up the highway to the Dunstable show.  This show is known as an early in the day event and indeed not long after noon things started clearing out.  The day was overcast but it never did rain and we had a great time showing our engines.  Norm Jones, Russ Steeves, Jim Paquette, and Dick Boucher were among the NEMES members displaying.  Les Russell, Vern Escher and several other members were at the show also.

DSC06048.jpg (168167 bytes)   I learned that this pooch's name is Jodie.  I think that in this wet field his name should have been Tick Collector.

DSC06049.jpg (155622 bytes)  DSC06050.jpg (117138 bytes)  The boys claimed a spot on the tailgate of Norm's Ford Hilton.

DSC06052.jpg (128991 bytes)  DSC06053.jpg (129597 bytes)  DSC06090.jpg (93675 bytes)  That's Les Russell (L) and Russ Steeves (R)

DSC06054.jpg (155312 bytes)  DSC06055.jpg (118306 bytes)  Jim Paquette (left photo in blue shirt) and his pal Edgar the World Famous Donut Hound.

DSC06089.jpg (148519 bytes)  Dick Boucher fires up his loco.

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