Dunstable MA Show

4 May 2008

When I pulled out of the driveway at 6:30 AM to head up to Dunstable is was gray and drizzling rain. I headed up Interstate 395 and stopped at the local Dunkin Donut store for coffee.  As I pulled up to the drive through the voice from the speaker asked "small, three creams, no sugar" anything else?  Boy,  talk about being predictable.  

I got my coffee and bagel and resumed my drive north.  As I went the rain came down more heavily.  The further I went the more I was questioning the wisdom of this trip.  Finally as I approached the show ground the rain slackened and I was glad that I had persisted.

On the way home I made it from Dunstable to just south of Worcester when much to my surprise my speedometer indicated that I was going 0 miles per hour.  Not too long after the engine sputtered and I had to pull over to the shoulder of the highway.  After looking under the hood and poking and prodding various wires the engine restarted and I resumed my homeward journey.  About twenty miles later the problem  repeated and I was forced off the road.  I thought that the alternator had gone bad (and only 253,000 mile of the car!!!) so I called my wife and she came up to meet me.  We charged my battery off her car for a while and resumed the trip home.  Had to repeat that procedure once more as the car died only two miles short of our mechanics place.  Left the car to be repaired (he will find it on his door step tomorrow) and went home.  Whew, what an adventure.  Could have been worse of course so I am not complaining too much.

The show was a fraction of last year due to the weather.  But it was still fun to be there among the other die- hards.

DSC03618.jpg (137000 bytes)  DSC03619.jpg (207685 bytes)  A view of the show grounds.  What a gray and gloomy day.

DSC03622.jpg (197904 bytes)

Video files are BIG.  Sadly if you are on dial up you probably will have to pass on trying to view them but there is a balance to be made.  If I process the clips so that fellows with slow connections have a chance to view them they are so degraded that there is not much point in looking anyway.  I am very please with most of these clips and hope that many of you will enjoy them.

I find that on my home computer connection (DSL) I have good result with clicking on the icon and going on to something else while the clip loads.  An alternative that also seems to work well is to right click on an icon and "Save Target As" to download the clip to your hard drive then view the clip using your choice of viewer.

  Nifty Crawler owned by Frank Rienzo 

  Make and Break engines owned by Frank Rienzo

  Panorama of the grounds

DSC03623.jpg (143325 bytes) 

DSC03628.jpg (146544 bytes)  Forged hamburgers and hot dogs?

DSC03629.jpg (156788 bytes)  DSC03630.jpg (147443 bytes)    This saw was set up for horizontal cutting but can be converted to vertical work.

DSC03633.jpg (87595 bytes)  DSC03634.jpg (133732 bytes)  DSC03635.jpg (166511 bytes)  DSC03636.jpg (143107 bytes)  DSC03637.jpg (98986 bytes) 

DSC03626.jpg (134717 bytes)  DSC03632.jpg (90311 bytes)  President Dick Boucher plans to build a mode of this engine so he asked me to take a number of pictures of it.

DSC03638.jpg (127058 bytes)  A very nicely restored John Deere tractor.

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