Dunstable 2007

6 May 2007

May 6 dawned cloudy and threatening in south east Connecticut.  As I was getting dressed to go to  Dunstable I could hear rain pouring down on the skylight is our dining room and I almost said the heck with it and went back to bed.  But then I thought about the number of time I have done just that only to have other fellows say that it was a great day at the show in (fill in the blank).  So I headed out hoping for the best and two hours north of home the weather was quite nice after all.  Partly cloudy and chilly enough to need a jacket.  About half way up to Dunstable I realized that my cap, which I had thought was in my car, was really in my wife's van so the first order of business was to buy a new cap to keep the sun out of my eyes at the show.  Got a nice gray International Harvester cap.  Can't have too many caps, don't ya know.

Dunstable, this was my first visit to this show, turned out to be a nice collection of just about every sort of thing mechanical.  Not a large show but full of friendly folk anxious to share information about their particular interests.

Overview of grounds, weaving machine and engine  

Large engine w/ screen radiator, Jim Paquette engines and Norm Jones Hot Air engine                                      

Various engine, engine and table saw


Engine powered hack saw, Rollie Gaucher's Bentley Rotary engine and Norm Jone's Mery Engine


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DSC01490.JPG (206848 bytes)  This is Edgar who travels with NEMES member Jim Paquette.  As I was doing these photos I realized that I hadn't taken Jim's picture.  Well, best to get the chief of the crew.

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DSC01498.JPG (130580 bytes) This is President Dick Boucher's grandson with Bea Boucher his grandma. 

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