Lake Winnipesaukee Steam Boat Rally

9 September 2006

From the Dublin show we headed north and east to Lee's Mill Road in Moultonborough NH to visit the 2006 edition of the Lake Winnipesaukee Steam Boat Rally.  It turned out to be one of those New England "you can't get there from here" things.  But eventually we found our way.  

NEMES member Russ Steeves was there with his boat and generously offered me a ride.  With steam up and the quiet clacking of the engine we set off on a very pleasant short cruise out and around an island and back to the dock.  It was great fun and as we approached the dock the clouds opened and the rain started.  there was time to look at other boats before the skies really opened and it poured.  Terri and I took shelter in the car and started home.  I hope that the rain did not last too long at the lake since there was still good daylight left for cruising.

After stopping for super in Warwick RI we arrived back home a about nine PM, weary but satisfied.  It was a great day and we will look forward to our next visit to these events.

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