Cranberry Flywheelers Show

21 May 2011


Under the heading of "it never fails" the lying weatherman forecast rain for Saturday the 21st in the afternoon.  So we headed out not so bright and early and drove to Plymouth MA hoping to get some photos before the rain started. The sky was very overcast which odes not make for the best pictures but I made the best of it and we headed back to CT.  THEN the clouds parted and the sun shone bright.  Darn, we could have slept in and accomplished the same thing.

Slideshow HERE and video here>> 

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DSC09535.jpg (169169 bytes)  DSC09537.jpg (217761 bytes)  DSC09595.jpg (315167 bytes)  The gentleman who owns this rig was on the light cruiser USS Detroit (CL-8) which was moored near the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay when the surrender was signed on 2 September 1945.  Thank you to him and to all the veterans who have served our country. More information about the Detroit may be found here

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DSC09586.jpg (223277 bytes)  DSC09587.jpg (165606 bytes)  Formerly know as the Chestnut Hill Pumping Station the facility is now open as a museum of industrial machinery. I invite you to use the Google search function on our homepage to see photos from previous visits to the Chestnut Hill Station.

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