Sturbridge, Massachusetts

July 24th to the 28th 2012


Photo Slide Show Section A, B, C

On July 23 I received an email out of the clear blue from John Ryall of Dartmouth MA inviting  me to visit the CORSA convention in Sturbridge.  John said that he enjoys viewing our NEMES website and hoped that I would be able to visit the Corvair event.  Thank you John for the invitation!  We had a fine time looking at a wide variety of these very interesting automobiles.

I didn't know that Corvairs came in such a wide variety of body styles and colors.  It was as though someone opened a sack of Skittles candies and scattered them about to give color to the cars!

I am trying some new things on this page based on comments I have received from readers of our site.  Feel free to let me know if you like, or dislike them.

The captions in italics are from John Ryall who invited me to the meet.  Thank you again John.

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DSC06376.jpg (205373 bytes)  Last minute adjustment

DSC06275.jpg (211973 bytes)  Roy Bear and Eddie Moose always ask before sitting on anyone's car!  

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The motor home in photo is an Ultra Van, and approx 330 were produced using Corvair engines and transaxles.  

http://tinyurl.com/c47djdd  will take you to a page all about the motor home.


A100_1692.jpg (234998 bytes)  A100_1693.jpg (234606 bytes)  A100_1694.jpg (236220 bytes)  A100_1695.jpg (222920 bytes)  A100_1696.jpg (243759 bytes)  John Ryall sent these photos and information.


I've attached a few pictures from the indoor display at the convention.I hope you will include them. 

John Fitch is a WWII fighter ace and sports car racer.  While Corvairs
were in production, he ran a small shop in Connecticut modifying Corvairs
to enhance their performance and handling.  Some of the cars on display
outdoors are Fitch Sprints, modified in his shop.  In the late 60s, he
decided to build his own automobile.  His intention was to build 500
cars.  The pictures I have attached are the only Fitch Phoenix built.  It
was the prototype car, and is his personal car, which is he drives
frequently.  The project was cancelled due to the impending safety
regulations which would have been burdensome for a small manufacturer and
the fact that Chevrolet was phasing out the Corvair, which was his source
of engines, suspension and transaxle. 

John Ryall

DSC06348.jpg (169296 bytes)  The ultimate expression of irony.

DSC06252.jpg (239132 bytes)  DSC06253.jpg (251822 bytes)  #252 and #253

DSC06382.jpg (245266 bytes)  DSC06383.jpg (165515 bytes)  DSC06384.jpg (247191 bytes)  DSC06385.jpg (188756 bytes)  Fun for kids of all ages  

The gokarts in photos 252, 253 were built for Chevrolet by Rupp manufacturing, a well known manufacturer of mini bikes, snowmobiles and
other recreational equipment.  Chevrolet used them as raffle items with new car introductions.  The early karts were known as "Monza Jr." and the
body is modeled after the 1962 Monza SS show car.  In later years, as Chevrolet phased out Corvair production (ending in 1969), the karts were
called "Chevy Jr."  My Chevy Jr (the orange one) has a tag inside the body indicating that it was made in 1974. The Blue kart belongs to Brett Aston of Connecticut

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