Chestnut Hill Steam Engine Museum

On 20 November 2004 Al Goldberg of the group interested in saving the engines and pumps at the Chestnut Hill Waterworks in Boston invited the public to view the engines and get a better understanding of what will be involved in the project.  is the link to the groups web site.  There are many photos there many of which are better than the ones I am presenting here.  But since I took the time to drive up to Boston I figured that I would post mine here.

The tour was planned for 10:00AM but there was little traffic between my home in Preston, CT and Boston so I arrived about three quarters of an hour early.  I took advantage of the time to take some pictures of the exterior of the building.

This photo is of the west end of the building.  This is the High Service building and was constructed in the 1880's.  Back in the day when buildings were works of art in addition to being supremely functional.   This is an example of the very finest building art.  At least to my eyes.

Sadly the day was very overcast and the sun was behind the building so many of the views are not well lit. 

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