Charter Days Tractor Pull

Granby MA

12 June 2011

Slide Show Here  and Video here

I found this show in the Farm Collector Show Directory for 2011 ( ) and since there was nothing else scheduled for this weekend off we went.  The day was overcast  and threatening (again) but the rain held off and we were glad that we had made the trip up to Granby.  The town is a couple of exits north of Springfield MA and as we drove north into Massachusetts we could see evidence of the tornados that swept the area a couple of weeks ago.

Here are photos and video I took at the tractor pull.  If you are looking at this page and would like me to add a name or description about anyone of any equipment please contact me and I will add the info to the page.  Reach me at:  It will be  helpful if you would identify the photo you are identifying by number.  Just hover your pointer over the photo and you should see a number pop up, for example, DSC09911.jpg.  Please mention the last three digits, example 911.jpg so I will be sure what photo you are referring to.

I was particularly taken with the number of young folks engaged in  this activity.  Sure was great to see kids doing outdoor, mechanical things!

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