5th Cannon Mountain Engine Show

4 June 2011

Slide show HERE       Video here >>   

I have been wanting to visit this show for several years but since it is about four hour drive from home it never seemed to happen.  This year I had to take Friday off for a doctor visit and we decided to drive on up to New Hampshire and stay overnight in Littleton then visit the show on Saturday.  We stayed at the Hampton Inn and got a great rate since my daughter works for the Mystic (CT) Hilton and the hotel gave us the "friends and family" rate. The weather couldn't have been nicer and after a week of heat and humidity the temps were in the 50's overnight.

The show is held in a lovely field next to the Cannon Mountain tramway base so after touring the show we took the tram to the top of Cannon Mountain. 

As always if you see your smiling face or your equipment and would care to send a line or paragraph about your display it would be most welcome.  Send to errol.groff@snet.net and I will update this page with your information.

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DSC09778.jpg (295824 bytes)  DSC09779.jpg (197131 bytes) Pearl Engines display  http://www.pearlengine.com/ 

DSC09765.jpg (290784 bytes)  The handsome fellow is Luke. The one in the blue shirt is his driver.  We met them last weekend at Bernardston.

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DSC09781.jpg (298542 bytes)  DSC09782.jpg (180704 bytes)  DSC09783.jpg (157089 bytes)  DSC09784.jpg (271340 bytes)  DSC09785.jpg (262857 bytes)  The reworked pressure cooker provides the 3-5 p.s.i. needed to run this engine for shows. Mr.Williams the owner of the engine and his wife Jane were a delight to chat with.

DSC09787.jpg (187724 bytes)  DSC09788.jpg (222849 bytes)  DSC09789.jpg (167438 bytes)  DSC09790.jpg (206413 bytes)  I think I got some better picture of this rig on the video

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Bob Gaffney displayed this trailer full of belt driven equipment.  Of particular interest is the direction reversing tapping head shown in the last two photos.  Pretty cool!

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