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13 September 2008

27 September 2008 update:  Member Al Goldberg has sent in a number of very fine photos.  They are located on this page >>>  Page 2

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This fellow was showing off his Sarrusophone.  An interesting musical instrument from the late 19th century with a mellow sound.

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I saw a For Two while coming to the show on the Mass Pike (I90) and it looked like a mouse among a stampede of elephants but is was zipping along at 70+ mph.  I usually have my cruise control set at about 62mph but I got a late start today so I was cruising at 70 and I was STILL the slowest car on the highway.

DSC04619.jpg (126186 bytes)  DSC04620.jpg (94632 bytes)  DSC04621.jpg (105260 bytes)  DSC04622.jpg (143641 bytes)  DSC04623.jpg (129689 bytes)  DSC04624.jpg (110816 bytes)  DSC04625.jpg (91860 bytes)  DSC04626.jpg (117633 bytes)  DSC04627.jpg (106777 bytes)  DSC04628.jpg (114130 bytes)  DSC04629.jpg (99198 bytes)  DSC04631.jpg (155159 bytes) DSC04660.jpg (98158 bytes)  This was a very neat display of Civil War era guns.

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On the left are some measuring instruments including surface comparator gages.  Right is a rotary slide rule.  The equivalent of a 27 FOOT long slide rule.  

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DSC04611.jpg (115401 bytes)  DSC04650.jpg (156845 bytes)  DSC04658.jpg (144252 bytes)  Members of NEMES showing their models at the show. 

As always the WMV video clips are quicker to load but the MPG clips are much better quality if you care to give them time to load. 

MPG  WMV   Dick Boucher's Tom Thumb under steam

MPG    WMV  Todd Cahill's display

  MPG    WMV   Jeff DelPappa's catapult.  I don't know if catapult is the correct name for this device so Jeff if you, or someone else, can set me straight that will be appreciated.

  MPG    WMV    Linear locomotive run

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DSC04651.jpg (162616 bytes)  DSC04652.jpg (124218 bytes)  DSC04655.jpg (158201 bytes)  DSC04657.jpg (186156 bytes)        

I talked with a nice lady at the quilt exhibit.  She is also a photography enthusiast and took my picture with my camera because she said that I was probably never in the pictures.  Hmm. There is probably a reason for that.  I thought that I had taken a card with the quilt club name but I don't find it now. If she reads this and sends me a message with the club name and web address I will add it here. 

14 Sept 2008  An email from Jean just arrived, thanks for sending along the info!

Hi Errol,
I am the nice lady you met yesterday at the Charles River Museum of Industry. I enjoyed talking with you too. Thanks for posting the photos of some of our benefit quilts. The name of our group is Rising Star Quilters Guild. Our upcoming quilt show is October 4 and 5 in Lexington. To see more photos of our quilts or read more about the quilt show you can visit
thanks, Jean

DSC04661.jpg (114587 bytes)  DSC04662.jpg (70410 bytes)  The Charles River flows past the CRMI.  Last fall it was a trickle but this year it is roaring right along with all the rain we have had.

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