Connecticut Antique Machinery Association

Spring Power Up  30 April 2011

The weekend of April 30 to May 1 2011 was very busy.  Very busy!  The CAMA show, Pioneer Valey Live Steamers Spring Steam up and the show in Dunstable MA put on by the New Hampshire Power of the Past Association.  We took off on Saturday morning and went to Kent CT, from there sollowing CT route 202 which winds east across CT before swinging north into Southwick MA where the PVLS is located.

Combined video of CAMA Spring Meet and Dunstable

DSC09086.jpg (275318 bytes)  DSC09087.jpg (257566 bytes)  DSC09088.jpg (161086 bytes)  DSC09089.jpg (210907 bytes)  DSC09090.jpg (182666 bytes)  DSC09091.jpg (162582 bytes)  2-4-2 locomitive

DSC09092.jpg (206519 bytes)  DSC09093.jpg (248475 bytes)  A beautifully restored steam winch

DSC09094.jpg (116531 bytes) 

DSC09095.jpg (210538 bytes)  DSC09096.jpg (199015 bytes)  DSC09097.jpg (197373 bytes)  DSC09098.jpg (90439 bytes)  DSC09099.jpg (125876 bytes)  DSC09100.jpg (171578 bytes)  DSC09101.jpg (194045 bytes)  DSC09102.jpg (175699 bytes)  DSC09103.jpg (162945 bytes)  DSC09104.jpg (175725 bytes)  DSC09105.jpg (160135 bytes)  DSC09106.jpg (148617 bytes)  DSC09107.jpg (146455 bytes)  DSC09108.jpg (123483 bytes)  DSC09109.jpg (93515 bytes)  DSC09110.jpg (106437 bytes)  DSC09111.jpg (123096 bytes)  DSC09113.jpg (186647 bytes)  DSC09114.jpg (214263 bytes)  DSC09115.jpg (180143 bytes) 

DSC09116.jpg (115539 bytes)  DSC09135.jpg (207153 bytes)  DSC09136.jpg (271200 bytes)  DSC09137.jpg (221755 bytes)  DSC09138.jpg (167181 bytes)

DSC09117.jpg (159183 bytes)  DSC09118.jpg (165788 bytes)  DSC09119.jpg (178718 bytes)  This craftsman is carving away anythuing that does not look like Persephone from a block of marble.

DSC09120.jpg (176021 bytes)  DSC09121.jpg (154846 bytes)  DSC09122.jpg (171100 bytes)  DSC09123.jpg (159380 bytes)  DSC09124.jpg (175122 bytes)  DSC09125.jpg (204248 bytes) 

DSC09126.jpg (250419 bytes)  DSC09127.jpg (253507 bytes)  DSC09128.jpg (259840 bytes)  At first i thought this was a ring roller but that was incorrect.  Actually it is a ring shrinker or stretcher.  After a wheel tire is welded it may be a bit too small or large so it has to be adjusted to fit the wheel it is made for and this is the tool to do the job.

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