Connecticut Antique Machinery Association

Spring Steam Up

2 May 2009

Video clips will be added later this week.  Please check back.

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DSC05972.jpg (127788 bytes)  DSC05973.jpg (128359 bytes)  DSC05971.jpg (138071 bytes)  My wife wonders if the viscous looking cleats in the left hand photo have a particular name.

DSC05964.jpg (124496 bytes)  DSC05965.jpg (167312 bytes)  DSC05963.jpg (165201 bytes)  Great old display cabinets

DSC05974.jpg (113457 bytes)  DSC05975.jpg (115243 bytes)  DSC05976.jpg (126745 bytes)  

DSC05977.jpg (130681 bytes)  DSC05978.jpg (140527 bytes)  

DSC05980.jpg (125759 bytes)  DSC05981.jpg (128595 bytes)  DSC05982.jpg (133378 bytes)  DSC05983.jpg (122394 bytes)  DSC05984.jpg (79251 bytes)  These items are found in the small engine room  The two right hand photos show a very interesting pulley with an alternate interrupted rim.  I had never seen one of these before!

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DSC05987.jpg (140706 bytes)  DSC05988.jpg (233469 bytes)  DSC05989.jpg (116142 bytes)  DSC05990.jpg (111962 bytes)  DSC05991.jpg (106045 bytes)  DSC05992.jpg (127276 bytes)  DSC05993.jpg (113966 bytes)  DSC05994.jpg (181291 bytes)  There was an interesting lumberjacking demonstration going on.  

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DSC05996.jpg (199844 bytes) I ran into these fellow Tech School teachers at the show.  From L to R are Errol Groff Manufacturing Technology Instructor at Ellis Tech in Danielson, CT, Ed Drapatin, Manufacturing Technology Department Head at Kaynor Tech in Waterbury CT and I will have to follow up with the name of the other fellow who teaches Physics at Kaynor Tech.

Also seen at the get together were Ernie Smith of NEMES, Bob Vincent, well liked used tool vendor. 

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DSC05997.jpg (119570 bytes)  Al these bricks were manufactured in CT  DSC06001.jpg (97289 bytes)  This display of fluorescent rocks are under black light and should have been photographed with a tripod which I did not have with me.  But I am delighted that the colors came out so great.

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This scale tractor is between 1/3 and 1/2 scale and was completely rebuilt by the current owner.

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  DSC06022.jpg (178682 bytes)  DSC06025.jpg (114113 bytes)  DSC06023.jpg (172273 bytes)  These last photos taken in the machine shop at the CAMA grounds. 

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