Connecticut's New Student Aviation Facility

Brainard Field Hartford, CT

On the way home from the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association's spring steam up we stopped in Hartford to visit the open house of the new aviation school facility.

The school was originally located in Putnam CT and in the mid 1950's moved to Danielson CT after the Putnam school was destroyed in a flood.  The new school, known as the Harvard H. Ellis Technical High School, was home to the school for over fifty years.  A decision was made to relocate the aviation school to Hartford as it is much more central in the state and it was hoped that this would attract more students to the program.  This seems to have worked and the program is thriving.

I hope to be able to soon add the Power Point presentation to this page that was being shown during the open house.  It is very interesting to see the progress of aviation over the decades.

DSC06030.jpg (107661 bytes) In Connecticut it is mandated that 1/2 % of a state facilities construction cost be devoted to art.  This is the curious result of that requirement.  What a waste.  (This is the opinion of the web master only) 

DSC06031.jpg (79669 bytes)  Instructors office space 

DSC06032.jpg (99306 bytes)  DSC06033.jpg (96840 bytes)  DSC06034.jpg (114367 bytes)  DSC06037.jpg (108459 bytes) 

DSC06035.jpg (93849 bytes)  The gentleman to the right is Wayne Vinal one of the instructors in the program.

DSC06036.jpg (78420 bytes)  This twin Cessna has been a "hanger queen" for as long as I can remember.

DSC06039.jpg (116372 bytes)  These special props are sued in test running of newly rebuilt piston engines

DSC06038.jpg (84214 bytes)  In the blue shirt is Roger Phillips another instructor

DSC06040.jpg (95498 bytes)  DSC06041.jpg (118783 bytes) 

DSC06042.jpg (122746 bytes)  My wife, Terri, perched in the Huey which is used for helicopter training including engine start up practice.  She says she has nothing but the most profound admiration for the young men who flew in these craft defending our country.

DSC06044.jpg (84828 bytes)  DSC06047.jpg (79293 bytes) Classrooms    DSC06045.jpg (80422 bytes)  DSC06046.jpg (85924 bytes)  Student lunch room

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