Connecticut Antique Machinery Association

Fall Show 2005

Errol Groff Photos

P9240001.JPG (88217 bytes) Starting a pump engine

P9240002.JPG (102482 bytes) Oil field pump (old time)

P9240003.JPG (116899 bytes) A view of the wooded portion of the CAMA grounds

P9240004.JPG (116282 bytes) Cool looking and VERY loud steam calliope

P9240005.JPG (106861 bytes) One of the many trucks on the field

P9240006.JPG (76934 bytes) One of the rows of rolling stock

P9240007.JPG (98990 bytes) John Deere tractor  P9240008.JPG (80580 bytes)

P9240009.JPG (102168 bytes)

P9240010.JPG (98628 bytes) I am thinking the person who tricked out this J.D. has too much free time

P9240011.JPG (100764 bytes)

P9240012.JPG (92812 bytes) Farm pump and engine

P9240013.JPG (98828 bytes) One of CAMA's engines.

P9240015.JPG (112356 bytes)  P9240014.JPG (98405 bytes)  A nice tractor and wagon

Electric_Panel.JPG (84296 bytes) Electric_Panel_2.JPG (89734 bytes) No matter what it is there is someone who collects it!