New England Model Engineering Society 

Says Thank You to

Brothers Machinery in North Andover MA

105 Massachusetts Avenue, North Andover MA

1 978 688 2888

Article and Photos by Errol Groff

For several years now Brothers Machinery Exchange has generously donated a Gift Certificate in the amount of $300 to NEMES for use as a grand door prize at out annual show.  At our recent show I was fortunate enough to have the luck of the draw and I won the grand door prize.

Today, 8 March 2005,  my friend Dave Bono and I went on a road trip to North Andover MA to spend my good fortune and however many other $$$$ we could muster.

Leaving my house in Preston, CT at 7:30 we headed north and found our way to North Andover without difficulty.  I had called ahead the day before to check on the hours of operation (8:00 to 5:00) and had learned that the right exit off Interstate 495 was Exit 43.  The drive time was just about 2 hours on the nose.  

We spent about 2 hours wandering about the building.  Dave uses a wheelchair and had some difficulty getting to some spots but overall he was able see to most of the place.  If you are similarly situated you should have minimal problem and can call ahead and let the fellows there know that you are coming so they can, perhaps,  make an effort to open things up a bit.  

Anyway,  this is not intended as an advertisement for Brothers Machinery Exchange but more as a thank you.  Since a wide range of folks look at this web site (and we sure appreciate that!) perhaps someone will see this and find their way to Brothers.  The old saying about one hand washing the other applies here I think.

So, on to the pictures.  I am presenting this page of thumbnail pictures.  Please click on each picture that you find interesting to view the larger version.  I am not trying to show all that Brothers has or to present a catalog, since that changes on an almost daily basis, but rather to show what caught my eye and interest.

Thank you for visiting our web site and THANK YOU Brothers Machinery Exchange for your generous support of the New England Model Engineering Society.  

055.JPG (83720 bytes)  If you need a boring head for your Sherline Mill this is not the one you are looking for  

057.JPG (28139 bytes) This is a general view of the shop area.  

  058.JPG (26415 bytes)  A multi station turret drill press

059.JPG (31492 bytes)  Tapping can be easier with this type of tool

060.JPG (32580 bytes)  I was an apprentice at Pratt and Whitney in W. Hartford CT so anything, like this P&W Supermike, catches my attention.

061.JPG (27488 bytes)  One of several surface grinders that was available when we were there

062.JPG (36408 bytes)  This is  a Bridgeport R2E4 CNC Mill with the BOSS 9 control

063.JPG (27378 bytes)  There were two Moore 1 1/2 Model Jig Borers

064.JPG (22228 bytes)  Need an arbor?  There were a bunch to choose from

065.JPG (29351 bytes)  At Brothers you have take the time to look through the drawers of the many cabinets.  I found this radius turning tool tucked away in such a drawer.

066.JPG (27076 bytes)  Taps are available in all sizes from tiny to these big honkers

067.JPG (29998 bytes)  A cylindrical square is a fine tool for inspecting parts.  This one was about sic inches in diameter and weighed a ton.

068.JPG (31745 bytes)  Here is a nice tilting dividing head.  I believe, but am not positive, that it was an Ellis brand.

069.JPG (27701 bytes)  This is a very nice X - Y table with built in rotary table

070.JPG (30709 bytes)  This Millport mill was on the floor

071.JPG (33456 bytes)  This Hardinge lathe looked to be in like new condition

072.JPG (30503 bytes) 

073.JPG (22483 bytes)  Bridgeport mill

074.JPG (26155 bytes)  Do All Band saw with built in blade welder

075.JPG (28544 bytes)  Bridgeport mill with power drawbar and digital readout

076.JPG (31664 bytes)  A pantograph

077.JPG (19499 bytes)  Moore 1 1/2 Model Jig Borer

078.JPG (35524 bytes)  This is heavy iron.  If you like Monarch lathes this one is waiting for you

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