Boothbay Railway Village

586 Wiscasset Road, Route 27, Box 123, Boothbay, Maine 04537

On 1 July 2006 my wife, Terri, the boys and I got up at Oh Dark Thirty and headed up the road from Preston CT to Boothbay Maine.  One goal was the annual get together of the  Maine Antique Power Association and the  Maine Antique Tractor ClubThe other goal was to surprise the heck out of Ron Ginger.

It was also a chanced to try out our new Tom-Tom GPS navigation device.  Tom Tom, what a dopey name for a product.  The gadget worked fine but we did learn that if it is not plugged into the cigar lighter in the car and the battery goes down it lags behind.  As I was zipping past the exit it wanted us to take to Route 1,  it was to late to swerve off the Maine Turnpike and we were off on a "scenic interlude".  We got off the Turnpike in Gray ME and wandered our way back over to Route 1.  Not too long after that we found the Railway Village.  Five and a half hours including scenic interlude time.  

I made a quick tour of the grounds and found Ron.  That goal was a great success!  I think that I was about the last person he expected to see.  I love it when a plan comes together.  Well, without further ado here are the photos that I took at the show.

PICT0002.JPG (80428 bytes)  I am not too much of a tractor enthusiast but even I know that Farmall tractors are red.

PICT0003.JPG (70508 bytes)  And John Deere's are green.

PICT0004.JPG (77144 bytes)  This one is red but I don't think it is a Farmall.

There was a nice display of small engines.  If anyone has more information about any of these models, make, power, owner etc. and would care to send that info along it would be most welcome.  Just send to  I have numbered the photos to make it easier to identify.

1. PICT0006.JPG (71801 bytes) 2. PICT0007.JPG (67856 bytes)  

3. PICT0008.JPG (66956 bytes) Owned by John Robbins

4. PICT0009.JPG (67659 bytes) 5. PICT0010.JPG (50987 bytes)

These engines are Ron Ginger's.  

6. PICT0011.JPG (49804 bytes) 7. PICT0012.JPG (37717 bytes) 8. PICT0013.JPG (45125 bytes) 9. PICT0014.JPG (38613 bytes) 

10. PICT0016.JPG (52727 bytes) This engine, owned by Prince Stevens, is from a J.D. tractor set up as a auxiliary power package  

11. PICT0017.JPG (49305 bytes)  

12. PICT0018.JPG (70705 bytes) Owner Jim Rose

13. PICT0019.JPG (68842 bytes) 14. PICT0020.JPG (60564 bytes)  

15. PICT0021.JPG (48754 bytes)16. PICT0022.JPG (52020 bytes)  17. PICT0023.JPG (58973 bytes) Owner of these engines is Ed Rhodes

18. PICT0024.JPG (60527 bytes) Owned by Richard Verney

19. PICT0025.JPG (44620 bytes) Owner Lily Stevens

20. PICT0026.JPG (67483 bytes) Owner Bob Meixell

21. PICT0027.JPG (62281 bytes) This is the display of the Maine Antique Power Association.  On sale were T shirts, nice long sleeve shirts, caps and what not.  MAPA treasurer Pat Kelley is manning (?) the booth and, when I wandered by,  recognized the logo on my  NEMES T shirt and exclaimed that her husband had just been reading our NEMES Gazette the evening before.  We do get around!  Her husband, Joe, was out on the grounds handing out attendee plaques. I am updating this page on 21 December 2006 with information just sent along by Joe.  Thank you Joe, your contribution is much appreciated.

22. PICT0028.JPG (47883 bytes) Don Rackliff, the wood splitter is all hand made

23. PICT0029.JPG (67255 bytes) 24. PICT0030.JPG (38684 bytes) 25. PICT0031.JPG (43546 bytes) Jim & Carol Curit own this beautiful engine


26. PICT0032.JPG (60233 bytes) 27. PICT0034.JPG (57064 bytes) 

28. PICT0035.JPG (33480 bytes) Terri and Eddie waiting for the train ride to start.  The boys were anxious to hear the conductor call All Aboard!

29. PICT0036.JPG (40202 bytes) 30. PICT0037.JPG (84913 bytes) 31. PICT0039.JPG (47031 bytes) 32. PICT0040.JPG (36730 bytes) 

33. PICT0041.JPG (54805 bytes) 34. PICT0042.JPG (70429 bytes) 35. PICT0043.JPG (50482 bytes) 36. PICT0044.JPG (36975 bytes) 37. PICT0045.JPG (42946 bytes) 

38. PICT0046.JPG (37308 bytes) 39. PICT0047.JPG (27832 bytes) 

40. PICT0048.JPG (32792 bytes)  Roy Bear and Eddie Moose waiting for the next departure.

41. PICT0049.JPG (47128 bytes) 42. PICT0050.JPG (46853 bytes) 43. PICT0051.JPG (48447 bytes) The museum has a terrific collection of vintage cars but since I didn't have my big flash with me I did not take a lot of photos since I knew that they would not be well exposed.

44. PICT0052.JPG (63544 bytes) 45. PICT0053.JPG (32554 bytes) 46. PICT0055.JPG (37433 bytes)  A trip to Maine is not complete without a lobster dinner.  Terri is a crustacean connoisseur and loves taking her time savoring this Maine treat.

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