Bill Brackett sent these photos of his, and Norm Jones's visit to Apex Machine where they were having some parts for the museum's replica loom cut using the abrasive water jet process.  Norm described the process at our June meeting and these photos will give an idea of how it works.

DSCN0969.JPG (410051 bytes)  Daryl of Apex Machine and Norm Jones talking

DSCN0970.JPG (403172 bytes)  The water jet machine in operation 

DSCN0971.JPG (450257 bytes)  Water drained showing finished part (not ours)

DSCN0972.JPG (357897 bytes)  The machine controller

DSCN0973.JPG (378166 bytes)  Some parts all flat stock $6.00 to $12.00 each

DSCN0974.JPG (393988 bytes)   The ratchet for the cloth roller

DSCN0975.JPG (383387 bytes)   Parts arranged as they will go on the loom

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