Bernardston Engine Show

Route 10 Bernardston MA

28 May 2011

If it is heavily overcast and threatening to rain it must be Saturday!  We left the house at 7:00 AM and drove north to MA through mist and scattered sprinkles but wee not deterred.  Be the time we got to the show site the mist had stopped and it was just overcast and humid. We unloaded the boys, Terri went of to the flea market looking for things that interest her and I went in search of the fellows from NEMES.  I found Norm, Russ and Rich and planted the boys under Norm's canopy and went off myself to burn up photons and take video.

As I walked around I found Dave Osier and Rollie Gaucher and later Jim Paquette with his companion Edgar the mellow doughnut hound.  I had a great time and talked to many folks about their displays and interests.  All in all it was a great day 

Slide show HERE and video here >>>

If you see your smiling face or your engine or your little dog and would like to send along a sentence or short paragraph about it I will be delighted to add your comments to this page.  Send to

DSC09602.jpg (277036 bytes) Norm Jones (L) chats with Steve Desreuisseau another NEMES member at the show.

DSC09603.jpg (197045 bytes) NEMES members Rich Hubbard (L) and Russ Steeves

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DSC09624.jpg (233793 bytes)  DSC09625.jpg (229431 bytes)  DSC09627.jpg (186088 bytes)  Rollie Gaucher (L) and Dave Osier.  The miniature Aloris style tools were made by Rollie, the business card is there to give scale to the photo.

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DSC09698.jpg (169719 bytes)  John Hartman sent along a link to the site of the builder of these marvelous tiny steam engines,

DSC09703.jpg (297666 bytes)  <<< Very nicely done Hero's Fountain  DSC09713.jpg (214658 bytes) 

DSC09711.jpg (237682 bytes)  DSC09712.jpg (288367 bytes)  Steve Desreuisseau (L)

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DSC09731.jpg (238584 bytes)  DSC09732.jpg (217785 bytes)  (L to R) Les Russell, Eddie Moose, Norm Jones and Roy Bear.  I am lucky to have friends who will put up with, and participate, in my foolishness with the boys.

DSC09733.jpg (231920 bytes) Russ Steeves (R) discusses his hand held signal cannon with show visitors

DSC09734.jpg (270271 bytes) Dave Osier with the boys.  DSC09735.jpg (283818 bytes) (L to R) Dave, Errol Groff and Rollie Gaucher

DSC09738.jpg (327163 bytes)  DSC09740.jpg (247890 bytes)  Dave built this insulated (sound) cover for his gas powered air compressor that his wife bought him for his birthday so he can now run his exquisite elbow engine at outdoor shows.  The cover is quite effective at muffling the compressor noise.

DSC09741.jpg (280319 bytes)  DSC09742.jpg (283287 bytes)  DSC09743.jpg (295148 bytes)  DSC09744.jpg (281294 bytes)  As we were headed back to the car we spotted this unique trike in the parking area. 

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