Bernardston MA

29 May 2010

We took a day off from the rebuilding the garage project and headed up I91 to Bernardston MA for the annual show.  We were glad to leave the project behind and the boys were excited to see their pals from NEMES.

DSC08574.JPG (162160 bytes) First thing we did was to find where Norm, Rich and Steve were set up and plant the boys in their chair. No one was about at that moment so I left the boys and started exploring the show. Please note Roy's patriotic red, white and blue bow tie special for the Memorial Day weekend.

DSC08575.JPG (165829 bytes)  DSC08576.JPG (153259 bytes)  DSC08578.JPG (160938 bytes)  DSC08580.JPG (119145 bytes)  DSC08581.JPG (177436 bytes)  DSC08582.JPG (93753 bytes) My wife Terri  Roy Bear and Eddie Moose have her to thank for their fine and varied wardrobes.

.DSC08583.JPG (187286 bytes)  View of the flea market section of the show

DSC08584.JPG (182675 bytes)  DSC08585.JPG (296533 bytes)  DSC08586.JPG (199023 bytes)  DSC08587.JPG (109409 bytes)  DSC08588.JPG (216269 bytes)  DSC08589.JPG (212376 bytes)  DSC08590.JPG (229079 bytes)  DSC08591.JPG (209566 bytes)  DSC08592.JPG (189044 bytes)   DSC08595.JPG (212103 bytes)

DSC08594.JPG (196947 bytes)  DSC08593.JPG (211802 bytes)  DSC08596.JPG (217772 bytes)  DSC08597.JPG (138164 bytes)  DSC08598.JPG (146141 bytes)    DSC08599.JPG (119771 bytes)  DSC08600.JPG (133171 bytes)  DSC08601.JPG (166374 bytes)  DSC08602.JPG (160705 bytes)  DSC08603.JPG (147265 bytes)  DSC08604.JPG (208503 bytes)  DSC08605.JPG (146557 bytes)  DSC08607.JPG (162669 bytes)  DSC08608.JPG (169277 bytes)  DSC08609.JPG (157049 bytes)  DSC08610.JPG (252022 bytes)  DSC08611.JPG (213922 bytes)  DSC08612.JPG (225918 bytes)  DSC08613.JPG (198682 bytes)  DSC08614.JPG (163675 bytes)  DSC08615.JPG (169495 bytes)  DSC08616.JPG (157635 bytes)  DSC08617.JPG (206829 bytes)  DSC08618.JPG (269561 bytes)  DSC08621.JPG (167927 bytes)

DSC08619.JPG (224756 bytes)  DSC08620.JPG (151280 bytes) 

DSC08622.JPG (180200 bytes)  Dave Osier and Roy Bear.  Roy is the one with the bow tie!

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