Bernardston 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Our day started out with a very interesting and rewarding experience.  You may have heard of a program called "Honor Flights".  The purpose of the flights is to provide, at no cost to WWII veterans,  transportation to Washington D.C. to visit their WWII Memorial.  One of the other teachers at school is very involved in Boy Scouting and he asked me (since I live only a mile from the pick up point) if I would be willing to come down to the parking lot entrance and hold a flag to make it easier for the veterans and their drivers to find the parking lot.  My very understanding and cheerful wife said that she would come too and lend a hand.  At 7:00AM the bus departed to Bradley International (north of Hartford, CT for those who don't live in New England) and we folded our tent and left for Bernardston.

To learn more about the program visit the website: 

DSC06230.jpg (132801 bytes)  6:00 AM  DSC06231.jpg (324166 bytes)  DSC06232.jpg (163727 bytes)  I made signs for both sides of the car and the flag on the tripod is one that I made for the wall in the shop at school.  It is painted on .060 aluminum and would have been up on the wall if I was not such a terrible procrastinator. 


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MPG  WMV  Bentley Rotary Engine        MPG  WMV   Big Engines

MPG  WMV  Steam Canoe                     MPG  WMV  Engines

MPG  WMV  Engines


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DSC06267.jpg (99474 bytes)  The bear is no fool.  A hug from a pretty girl is just the thing to make the day complete.

DSC06268.jpg (124764 bytes)  (L to R)  Errol Groff, Rollie Gaucher with Roy Bear, Dave Osier with Eddie Moose and Russ Steeves.

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