Bernardston, MA

24 May 2008


DSC03713.jpg (131399 bytes)  View of part of the flea market area

DSC03714.jpg (143505 bytes)  The neat thing about old engine shows is that you are likely to see most anything

DSC03716.jpg (171967 bytes) 

DSC03717.jpg (130875 bytes)  DSC03718.jpg (158805 bytes) 

DSC03719.jpg (148069 bytes)  DSC03721.jpg (106119 bytes)  NEMES member Dave Osier has been under the weather for a while, having to miss the big show in Toledo last month, but is feeling better and is able to get out and around.  

DSC03720.jpg (124223 bytes)   Norm Jones' Mery Engine.  The Mery was a sort of hybrid when industry was moving from steam to internal combustion.  The engine is double acting like a steam engine but gas fueled.

DSC03722.jpg (156629 bytes)  DSC03752.jpg (143670 bytes)  DSC03760.jpg (140792 bytes)  DSC03761.jpg (150400 bytes)  Lawn tractors of every description were on display

DSC03723.jpg (165473 bytes)  DSC03724.jpg (155018 bytes)  DSC03729.jpg (135632 bytes) 

DSC03725.jpg (175688 bytes)   

  Economy engine       Pump engine followed by rope making machine       More engines

DSC03726.jpg (174535 bytes)  DSC03727.jpg (156512 bytes)  Very pretty McCormick-Deering tractor

DSC03728.jpg (154087 bytes)  Big  pump       Even bigger pump

DSC03730.jpg (196599 bytes)  Blacksmith vise

DSC03731.jpg (142711 bytes)  DSC03732.jpg (157154 bytes)  DSC03733.jpg (143938 bytes)  DSC03734.jpg (118447 bytes) DSC03735.jpg (90625 bytes)  DSC03736.jpg (74305 bytes)

DSC03737.jpg (141455 bytes)  DSC03738.jpg (178433 bytes) 

DSC03739.jpg (131650 bytes)  I have no idea what this is. 

DSC03742.jpg (93956 bytes)  Rollie Gaucher  DSC03743.jpg (137612 bytes)    Standing, in the white shirt, is Russ Steeves and in the     dark shirt is Rich Hubbard

DSC03745.jpg (122810 bytes)  When Dave was a kid he got one of these model engines so he was delighted to find on at the show.

DSC03746.jpg (115268 bytes)  DSC03747.jpg (93097 bytes)  Since Dave was not able to go to Toledo he missed the traditional photo op with the boys, Roy Bear and Eddie Moose so we made up for it today. The boys were delighted to see their freinds Dave and Rollie.

DSC03748.jpg (152232 bytes)  DSC03749.jpg (141233 bytes)  DSC03750.jpg (153890 bytes)  It never ceases to amaze me what folks will collect.

DSC03751.jpg (128814 bytes)  Kid sized crawler

DSC03753.jpg (170292 bytes)  DSC03754.jpg (184672 bytes)  DSC03755.jpg (150519 bytes)  DSC03756.jpg (155377 bytes) 

DSC03757.jpg (181216 bytes) DSC03758.jpg (109288 bytes) I recognized the nice boiler from last years Pepperell show

DSC03759.jpg (153088 bytes) 

DSC03762.jpg (138534 bytes)  DSC03763.jpg (135805 bytes)  

DSC03764.jpg (173117 bytes)     

DSC03765.jpg (208231 bytes)  DSC03766.jpg (154649 bytes)  DSC03767.jpg (150812 bytes)  Very neat sidewalk snowplow

DSC03768.jpg (120704 bytes)  DSC03769.jpg (97903 bytes)  DSC03770.jpg (104367 bytes)  Rack and pinion for raising the dump body of this coal delivery truck

DSC03771.jpg (128131 bytes)

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