Belltown Antique Car Club

37th Annual Gas and Engine Show 24 April 2007

YouTtube video

The Belltown show is the first on the list of the summer shows.  Held at the Salmon River State Park midway between Colchester and Middletown CT the show uses a wide field hard by the Salmon River.  This year the field was a bit squishy due to rains but not too bad  The show is always the last Sunday f April and this year for the first time it was Easter Sunday.  I decided to head on over as it is one of the closest show to my home and I figured that if fellows took the effort to show their stuff on Easter Sunday they deserved to have some folks come out to see them.

The show was a bit diminished from years past but I was glad that I had gone.

DSC09005.jpg (233501 bytes)  This nifty homebrew rider is seen in the YouTube video coming off the truck.

DSC09006.jpg (231754 bytes)  DSC09009.jpg (236607 bytes)

DSC09007.jpg (287225 bytes)  This this looks like it would be a serious toe nibbler!

DSC09008.jpg (205045 bytes)  DSC09010.jpg (229071 bytes)  DSC09011.jpg (148838 bytes)  DSC09012.jpg (170592 bytes)  DSC09013.jpg (248987 bytes)  DSC09014.jpg (226989 bytes)  DSC09015.jpg (245263 bytes)  DSC09016.jpg (246152 bytes)  DSC09017.jpg (239348 bytes)  DSC09018.jpg (171997 bytes)  DSC09019.jpg (235752 bytes)  DSC09020.jpg (248128 bytes)  DSC09021.jpg (248439 bytes)  DSC09022.jpg (223671 bytes)  DSC09023.jpg (184234 bytes) 

DSC09024.jpg (190817 bytes)  DSC09026.jpg (166872 bytes)  DSC09027.jpg (120710 bytes)  Bob Herder drove up from central New Jersey. Thank you Bob for making the effort!

DSC09028.jpg (205231 bytes)  DSC09029.jpg (220653 bytes)  DSC09030.jpg (294065 bytes)  DSC09031.jpg (228405 bytes)  DSC09032.jpg (165905 bytes)  DSC09033.jpg (278211 bytes)  DSC09034.jpg (255440 bytes) 

DSC09035.jpg (217027 bytes)  DSC09036.jpg (250090 bytes)  I told you there was a river!

DSC09037.jpg (211604 bytes)  DSC09038.jpg (227173 bytes)  NEMES member Rich Hubbard had his engines on display.

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