Belltown Engine Show

26 April 2009

Colchester CT

It ahs been a number of years since I last visited this show.  Even though it is very close to my home it usually comes and goes before I notice it on the calendar.  But this year I was on top of things for a change and made it over to the show grounds.  

I ran into Norm Jones and Ray HasBrouck who were both displaying their engines.  Norm was set up with Russ Steeves and Rich Hubbard but they were off about the show grounds when I was by their display so I didn't get to say hi to them.

DSC05879.jpg (145812 bytes)  Belltown is a car, engine, "stuff" and other sort of show so there was a lot to look at.

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MPG  WMV     Engine driving centrifugal blowers


WMVDSC05881.jpg (58401 bytes)  DSC05882.jpg (454185 bytes)  This was an unusual sight, a manual lift platform.

DSC05883.jpg (201993 bytes)  This pulling tractor was all set up and ready to dig in.

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MPG  WMV    Video of the above engine

This engine (above) was handsomely displayed in an enclosed trailer with lift up sides. 

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MPG  WMV     Video of very nice bar and plate AL model engine and full size engine (not the same engine)

DSC05920.jpg (193633 bytes)  DSC05915.jpg (101143 bytes)  DSC05921.jpg (207302 bytes)  DSC05916.jpg (102899 bytes)  DSC05922.jpg (198489 bytes)  DSC05918.jpg (129783 bytes)

MPG  WMV     Video of above engines

DSC05924.jpg (154817 bytes)  DSC05925.jpg (150120 bytes) DSC05926.jpg (126765 bytes)  DSC05927.jpg (140907 bytes)  DSC05928.jpg (146529 bytes)  DSC05929.jpg (128517 bytes)  DSC05930.jpg (135424 bytes) 

(Above)  Models seen under the Norm Jones/Russ Steeves/Rich Hubbard canopy

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MPG  WMV     Big engines

MPG  WMV     Musical entertainment

DSC05937.jpg (184408 bytes) 

DSC05939.jpg (157714 bytes)  DSC05940.jpg (143032 bytes)  DSC05941.jpg (122539 bytes)  DSC05942.jpg (163006 bytes)  DSC05943.jpg (151632 bytes) 

Ray HasBrouck engines    MPG  WMV  Ray HasBrouck engine videos

DSC05945.jpg (182023 bytes)  Clever use of a hose reel to store the layout tape for next year

DSC05911.jpg (154539 bytes)  DSC05910.jpg (182717 bytes) 

Two very nicely done cutaways done by Alex Mann from over Waterbury Ct way

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