100th  Model Engineering Show at Ascot, England

Photos by John Mathias of London and text  contributed by NEMES member Fred Jaggi

Comment from Fred:

"My wife and I  spent a short holiday in England visiting family and friends - my wife is from Yorkshire - and I worked in London twice for several years - I got a bronze medal for my B&A 466-T locomotive  several years ago  at the ME Exhibition , but it's not a patch on the wonderful models on display now".

A Bodiley 1 .jpg (170171 bytes)  A. Bodiley collection

  A Bodilley collection 1.jpg (123252 bytes)  A. Bodiley collection

A Bodiley.jpg (142650 bytes)  A. Bodiley

An LBSC LOCO.jpg (158869 bytes) An LBSC Loco

Cherry Hill 1.jpg (138659 bytes)  Cherry Hill 2.jpg (150808 bytes)  Cherry Hill 3.jpg (134158 bytes)  Cherry Hill 4.jpg (150325 bytes)  Model by Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill Royal Chester note.jpg (154240 bytes)  Cherry Hill Royal Chester.jpg (145693 bytes)  By Cherry HIll

P1000713.jpg (140567 bytes)  (R) Cherry Hill.  

Fred asked her what paint she used: her comment cellulose - hard to find now and the note on one of 
the models states she spent 4 1/2 months painting it. She's an elderly lady now, but stll keeps going.

Chris Vine  How to paint a loco.jpg (162305 bytes)  Chris Vine, how to paint a loco

Deltic Engine.jpg (177909 bytes)  Deltic Engine

J Bradbery winter Silver Rocket.jpg (118940 bytes)  J. Bradbery Winter Silver Rocket model

John wilding's tower clock.jpg (154854 bytes) John Wilding's tower clock

LBSC Ayesha.jpg (117190 bytes)   LBSC Ayesha

Various displays

ME 5.jpg (140938 bytes)  ME 6.jpg (138800 bytes)  ME 7.jpg (114216 bytes)  ME 7_1.jpg (161404 bytes)  M E 8.jpg (131916 bytes)

ME exhibit 1.jpg (141064 bytes)  ME Exhibit 2.jpg (154146 bytes)  ME Exhibit 3.jpg (132458 bytes)  ME Exhibit 4.jpg (150090 bytes)  P1000673.jpg (141668 bytes)

Mr. Ron Jarvis and examples of his work

Ron Jarvis .jpg (132057 bytes)  Ron Jarvis 1.jpg (144368 bytes)  Ron Jarvis 2.jpg (144417 bytes)  Ron Jrvis 3.jpg (120054 bytes) 

Turning on a Holtzappfel lathe.jpg (165926 bytes) Demonstration turning on a Holtzappfel lathe

ASCOT RACE TRACK.jpg (117948 bytes)  Ascot Racetrack

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